The handles of the handles in the knives

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The handles of the handles are elements fundamental for a knife beyond the aesthetic aspect.

In addition to the type of material that characterizes itall forms must respect the ergonomics of the hand to allow safe use.

The forms are not only linked to the imagination of the maker but also to fundamental rules. Continue reading “The handles of the handles in the knives”

3 Ways to Drill The Handle on a Tapered Knife

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Tapering or tapered tang is a very elegant way to balance the knife and to give it a leaner and more well-groomed aesthetic while maintaining the robustness of the knife given the scalability of its section.

Compared to knife lightening/balancing holes, it’s a more professional way used by more experienced knifemakers.

Tapering consists of decreasing the section of the blade handle gradually. Continue reading “3 Ways to Drill The Handle on a Tapered Knife”

The butterfly knife is an Italian invention

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The butterfly knife (also called balisong or in English butterfly knife) is a knife of Filipino origin, so-called for the peculiarity of the handle, which is opened in two parts longitudinally, to discover the blade.

Also called “the
power container”,
the balisong is a knife with incredible features.

As said, the peculiarity of the knife lies in the handle that opening longitudinally allows you to discover the blade, almost always monophilic. Continue reading “The butterfly knife is an Italian invention”

Abrasive cards for the knife shop

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One of the things that most are used for the finishing of a knife are the abrasive metal cards that will “go away” in large quantities.

Abrasivepaper, sometimes also called sandpaper, is used to rough, smooth and clean wooden or metalsurfaces.

The abrasive paper you will use on the steels of the knives before and after the temper and for the finishing of the handles in the various materials, from the most “common” wood, to the G10, Micarta, Bones, Synthetics, etc.

The weights of the abrasive cards range from the largest to the finer according to the type of finish you want to get. Continue reading “Abrasive cards for the knife shop”

SICAC, the Paris knife exhibition

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30ème Salon International du Couteau d’Art et de Collection

Opens Thursday, September 12, from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Friday, September 13, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday, September 14, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


This is the largest custom knife exhibition French reaching the 30th edition this year.

An important event for many knife enthusiasts who can join a tourist trip to the visit of the exhibition. Continue reading “SICAC, the Paris knife exhibition”

Documents to be integrated when selling or gifting a knife

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The form in which you sell knives is not something to be overlooked and the packaging and documents to be supplemented when selling or giving a knife are details that are appreciated.

Selling a knife is not easy, ask many knife-goers and they will tell you how some of them manage easily to sell their knives and others instead of doing it with such effort, all regardless of the quality and beauty of the their blades.

But to sell them you still need to start adding some value to the knives by making a certificate of authenticity and a datasheet for each knife where its characteristics are explained.

Continue reading “Documents to be integrated when selling or gifting a knife”

The pill of the day 002 – Advertising on the blog

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The advertising on the blog has appeared and some users have asked me in private why the advertising on the blog and I want to explain the reason in this pill of the day.

Like everything, even if it seems free, it is not.

To make a blog like you need money and advertising is a way to manage the living expenses there are for the domain, the various applications needed to build it, etc. Continue reading “The pill of the day 002 – Advertising on the blog”

Puukko Knife – The Finnish knife

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The puukko (/ˈpuːkːo/) is a type of traditional Finnish knife born for hunting and carving.

I really like it for its functionality and simplicity, a knife that is pleasant to use and very versatile.

It has a single-edged solid blade with a slightly curved cutting edge and a straight back.

It is kept in a scabbard normally sewn on the back that covers it for 3/4. Continue reading “Puukko Knife – The Finnish knife”

Steel composition table in the knife shop

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As an extension to the post on the different types of steel used in the knife shop I created an underlying reference table that shows the most popular types of knife steel and their composition of the various elements.

This can be useful for comparing and associating characteristics you encounter in the steels you use with the presence of certain elements with certain quantities. Continue reading “Steel composition table in the knife shop”

Knife maintenance tips

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Many knife manufacturers and makers who have high-quality knives ensure rapid replacement (unless the product is temporarily unavailable) in many cases such as:

  • manufacturing defect that undermines the functionality of the product;
  • caused by a defect in the realization or the defect inherent in the material.

Many provide the guarantee that covers knives indefinitely.

Continue reading “Knife maintenance tips”