The pill of the day 002 – Advertising on the blog

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The advertising on the blog has appeared and some users have asked me in private why the advertising on the blog and I want to explain the reason in this pill of the day.

Like everything, even if it seems free, it is not.

To make a blog like you need money and advertising is a way to manage the living expenses there are for the domain, the various applications needed to build it, etc. Continue reading “The pill of the day 002 – Advertising on the blog”

Puukko Knife – The Finnish knife

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The puukko (/ˈpuːkːo/) is a type of traditional Finnish knife born for hunting and carving.

I really like it for its functionality and simplicity, a knife that is pleasant to use and very versatile.

It has a single-edged solid blade with a slightly curved cutting edge and a straight back.

It is kept in a scabbard normally sewn on the back that covers it for 3/4. Continue reading “Puukko Knife – The Finnish knife”

How to store abrasive belts

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The belts for the sander are elements that need to be intact to work properly and safely, as well as having a cost and to preserve them it is important to preserve them properly.

In flexible abrasives the environmental conditions in which they are stored or in which they transit or are stationed even for short periods, such as in transport, are not to be underestimated.

Continue reading “How to store abrasive belts”

Food grade steels

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When building a kitchen knife the choice of steel becomes limited especially if it is sales-oriented.

In today’s post I want to talk about the latest authorized changes of theDecree 12 December 2007, No. 269 for the production of materials in contact with food (Only for Italy and EU).

In particular, of stainless steels and if you are a maker that produces kitchen knives you absolutely have to do things according to the law. Continue reading “Food grade steels”

Mosaic pins (Mosaic Pin)

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One of the decorative and fixing elements of the knife are the mosaic pins.

There are different diameters of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and with various geometric designs from the simplest to the most complex or with various shapes and filled with bi-component resins of different colors.

It is an element that should be expected when drawing your knife.

The material commonly used is brass but there are also steel or a mix of the two materials to use also the colors of metals.

The price varies depending on the complexity of the design, the diameter and the length. Continue reading “Mosaic pins (Mosaic Pin)”

Fakes in the world of knives

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Even in this sector more and more reports of fake knives are coming.

Often the first to notice it are the knife-makers who are asked to sharpen and who immediately report that the knife received is not original.

This phenomenon is mainly aimed at famous brands in kitchen knives (eg Global) or in military knives (eg Extrema Ratio, Fox, etc.)

Also in the world of blades there is the counterfeiting of the most famous brands.

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What is the project

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Welcome to the blog, my name is Andrea.

Are you here for the first time? Start reading from here.

If you are also looking for advice and useful information on how to improve or start your art as a knife maker or knifemaker (DIY Knife) you are in the right place!

My intent is to tell you about my journey as a passionate with the hope of encouraging you or having the chance to meet myself a high level maker to walk this passion together and share our experiences in order to create more and more artistic and technical knives in the continuous search for shapes, design, innovation, experimentation. Continue reading “What is the project”