TitanGrinder’s temper ingering oven

One of the needs of a knifemaker is to harden the knife.

I’ve already introduced you to the Rockblade templar oven but I want to introduce you to this product from the Titangrinder

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Rockwell File – Hardness Testing File Set

Rockwellflexbar Hardness Testing Files hardness is an easy-to-use tool to measure a knife’s hardening hardness without having a hardmeter that is the tool you need and you need to certify the precise measure of HRC hardness achieved by your knife after the temper.

It is a portable Rockwell hardness testing system for use in all metal processing facilities. Continue reading “Rockwell File – Hardness Testing File Set”

The stones to sharpen and their “grains”

These days I’m doing a search to change the sharpening stones that I have because they are not of quality and I realized that it was money not spent well so I decided to share with you my ratings.

Let’s see what the abrasives commonly used to sharpen and their grains are based on.

This technical topic is very important for a maker because the last stage, that ofsharpening is complex and it is not easy to achieve satisfactory results at 100.

Grain is the degree of roughness ofthe stone, and is an indication of greater or lesser aggression and as for the abrasive tapes of the sander or the common sandpaper that you use in finishing, the lower the indicated number and the more abrade. Continue reading “The stones to sharpen and their “grains””