Fat Carbon Materials, composite carbon handles

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Fat Carbon Materials is one of the new fashions of the moment in the knife shop.

Carbon is already a material for a long time used in knife making for the construction of handles but in recent months the union of carbon with other materials to create new aesthetic motifs with the mecanic characteristics of carbon. Continue reading “Fat Carbon Materials, composite carbon handles”

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Loveless pins

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Loveless pinsLoveless pins or pins of Loveless are one of the many features that distinguish the knives of the great American maker.

I’m just talking about the handles locking pins of his knives.

Today there are many systems to fix the handle but in those years the famous maker created a simple and funional way to fix the handle, not only with simple pins but with something similar to the Corby Bolt. Continue reading “Loveless pins”

Knife Play and the Game of Knives.

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Knife Play, InKnife Play and the Game of Knives.

KnifePlay is a form of consensual BDSM cosplay game that involves knives, daggers and swords as a source of physical and mental stimulation.

The game of knives is a form of consensual BDSM cosplay game involving cutting weapons such as knives, daggers and swords used as a source of physical and mental stimulation. Continue reading “Knife Play and the Game of Knives.”

The grip for knifemaking

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Knifemaking grips are essential to perform different operations and can’t be missing in your lab.

Having a stable “block” of the knife during processing is also very important for this in addition to a quality grip also serves a stable and heavy fastening base.

The workbench must have a good structure and weight because the reminders working the metal are considerable and all unwanted movements result in little precision of the processing or force you to work with less thrust to avoid these movements. Continue reading “The grip for knifemaking”

The knife maker’s inconel and candy

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InconelThe inconel and the candy of the knife maker.

The knife maker’s candy is called inconel, and it is the “tight dress” for the knife when it goes into temper.

Now it’s not something you need but if you want to take the level and quality of the temper to the next level this is one way.

The aim is to create a dress at the knife trying to bring out all the air inside what is called “candy” in the jargon. Continue reading “The knife maker’s inconel and candy”

The polishing dough for metals in the cutlery

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The polishing paste for metalsThe polishing paste for metals in the knife shop but in general the abrasive paste is a product that serves to create a surface wear (abrasion) of an object by rubbing, in order to modify the external properties of the same.

From this paste also derive polishes with abrasive (but more diluted) characteristics, which originally have functions similar to protective wax.

Continue reading “The polishing dough for metals in the cutlery”

The CIC knife exhibition in Milan

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The CIC knife exhibition in MilanEvery year on the last weekend of November or the first weekend of December, the exhibition of knives of the CICItalian Coltellinai Corporation is done in Milan, where the teachers and associates of the corporaione participate.

On this occasion you can see among the best Italian and international makers who exhibit their creations for two days. Continue reading “The CIC knife exhibition in Milan”

The Maker’s Hamlet Doubt

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the Hamlet doubt of the makerThe hamlet doubt par excellence of the makers.

CNC yes or CNC no? That’s the problem!

The knife is custom even if it is made with the CNC or only if it is made with the sander?

Now it’s clearly a pun to quote Shakespeare’s Hamlet but this question is part of one of the many controversies/debates/other kind of mental saws that are made on the net on social media between makers.

Now I tell you how I feel! Continue reading “The Maker’s Hamlet Doubt”