3D three-dimensional abrasives

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3D three-dimensional abrasives
3D three-dimensional abrasives.

3D three-dimensional abrasive belts (no fabrics) consist of non-woven nylon filaments, on which abrasive granules have been glued.

It is a material made of non-woven fibers with built-in smoothing agent bonded with resin (aluminum oxide-silicon carbide) on a fabric base.

Open structure avoids having to add

Free of corrosive metals

Can be used for deburring, matting and finishing of all steel and stainless steel components, both dry and wet.

Useful for the processing of a defined finish even on large surfaces, reduction of roughness.

Also suitable for use on wooden and plastic handles.

They are present on the market under various names, registered by the manufacturers:

The abrasive granules on three-dimensional abrasive belts vary by type of material used and by size depending on the use.

The most used materials in 3D three-dimensional abrasive belts are:

  • A/O aluminium oxide or corundum,mainly used for sanding, deburring, grinding and satin finishing of steels.
  • S/C silicon carbide,used for sanding stucco, paints, plastics, and for grinding non-ferrous metals.

The different grains, otherwise difficult to identify, are generally distinguished by different colors:

  • BROWN — > Coarse Grain — > Coarse
  • RED — > Medium Grain — > Medium
  • BLUE — > Fine Grain — > Very Fine
  • GREY — > Fine Grain — > Ultra Fine
3D three-dimensional abrasives

These products are present on the market in various forms but the one that interests most for knives are the spliced ribbon versions:

  • Disks: used flat or packed to form moles or rollers
  • Mole convolute: used as a normal abrasive mole for small smudges or satins
  • Sheets: used by hand or on orbital sanders to smooth or satin
  • Ral (lamellar abrasive wheels): manufactured by arranging and radially gluing the slats of the product, on a core of cardboard or vulcanized fiber, they are used on normal bench grinders if with hole or on portable machines if with pin.


  • Joined belts: For these tools a product reinforced by a support fabric is used that prevents elongation (low stretch) and can be mounted on traditional abrasive belt sanders, on centrifugal expansion wheels or on portable machines.

With these tapes it is possible to obtain special finishes, such as very uniform and constant satin finishes,which do not change excessively with the wear of the tape,

Thanks to the “open structure” of the product, heating is greatly reduced, thereforethe burns and deformations on the machined pieces, the signs of recovery do not remain and thanks to the elasticity of the structure even increasing the pressure on the machined pieces does not leave deeper marks.

Even the particularly high noise with traditional tapes, with this type of tapes is particularly low while working.

Three-dimensional abrasive belts can be found in different lengths or require special ones.3D three-dimensional abrasives


3D three-dimensional abrasives are expensive tapes but I believe that if you like the “particular satin” effect you can try using these tapes.

They also sell only pads of three-dimensional 3D abrasives of rectangular size to make the processes and therefore not in the belt format for the sander.3D three-dimensional abrasives coltellimania.com

The price is cheaper than the tapes but clearly it is a more manual processing and somehow these tapes are a good investment if they create the surface finish you are looking for.

Clearly for steel you must always take the correct version and therefore for knives you must use three-dimensional 3D abrasive belts those A / O aluminum oxide or corundum.

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