3D printing for knifemakers

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3D printing for knifemakers


3D printing for knifemakers and in the world of knifemaking is something innovative and i’m experimenting with.

The ability to have more and more synthetic materials (TPU, PLA, ABS, HIPS, WOOD) and with various colors allows you to experiment with new solutions.

Attention!!! Experimenting does not mean selling knives with these elements assembled on the knife.

3D printing for knifemakers coltellimania.comThere are some things I’m doing and they’re:

  • Knife dimes to be used to track
  • Manic cheeks
  • Colorful pins filled and punctured
  • Knife studies to see their effect on a 1:1 scale before realizing them
  • Synthetic material guard
  • Sharpeners
  • Various

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is the creation of three-dimensional objects using additive production, starting from a digital 3D model.

The digital or drawing model is produced with dedicated 3D software and then processed to be made with different technologies, including the one that builds prototypes layer by layer, through a 3D printer.

It’s a trial that I’m doing and that for my professional extraction is something simple.

I am completely autonomous in the realization of CAD with latest generation software (Catia/Unigraphics/SolidEdge/etc.) as well as having excellent knowledge about product development and prototypes.

3D printing for knifemakers coltellimania.com

A brief premise

In the world of knifemaking this type of technology is something still little used but very innovative.

Although I know that the pure of the knife could turn a little bit of a nose, i honestly don’t give a damn,it’s about experimentation,and no one should feel entitled to say what is right or not right to do.

Clearly as I anticipated it is to use this technology to make some parts, inserts, guards, dimes, etc. and then to use the printer to be able to create some parts or tools useful in the realization of the knife.

It is about making “a knife” and everyone lives it with the taste and passion that believes, there are those who are better, there are those who are less but no one should afford to block someone’s creativity.

A few years ago we did not use synthetic materials that are used with pride today and probably those who started using them were seen as not pure of knifemaking.

3D printing for knifemakers

The “eternal debate” between knifemakers

Even today there is the debate between those who make knives with the tape sander (as I do) and those who use numerically controlled machines, such as the debate between those who use the forge and those who buy the steel bar already drawn.

Then between those who use the sander with a support top and those who freehand on wheel, etc.

Now my personal taste is to do everything on my own as much as possible but I repeat for my personal taste, from my micarta, to pins, mosaic pins, etc.

But I find that the real art is the design of the knife and the choice/matching of materials.

Then there is a fundamental quality that is the ability to realize, which I think is very important but to those who buy a knife I think they do not give a damn if it is made freehand, CNC, or other, it affects the design, the robustness, which cuts , and to do its job for the job it is intended for.

The custom author’s knife is different, where there is a real artistic research and materials, made with manic precision, where it is no longer a question of making a knife but an artistic object.

Ps. In fact, often seeing them I bow to the skill of the maker because they are real masters in making them but as knives are a shit, I explain better, they are works of art with the shape of the knife.

3D printing for knifemakers coltellimania.com

Using 3D Printing for knifemaker!

I find it to be a versatile tool for a maker’s use but that requires different knowledge in order to be able to realize the tools that can help in the realization of the knife, or that can be used for the realization of certain parts.

As I anticipated in the post today the level of precision, the materials available allow you to start making high quality elements with enough mechanical characteristics to experiment successfully.

Clearly adaptations and post-processing are always needed but geometrically in combination with steel opens up a world of creativity.

Not to mention the new materials that simulate wood and 3D metal printers.

3D printing for knifemaker is an interesting “new game”!



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