Air filter Grizzly 0738 for your laboratory

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Air Filter Grizzly 0738

Air filter Grizzly 0738 for your laboratory

One of the aspects to take into account in a laboratory is certainly the cleanliness of the air, especially when working with many materials that have different characteristics and that during processing generate potentially toxic dust for humans.

In addition to the use of the face mask with filters, the suction systems near the sander to remove the bulk of the dust during processing and other tools you use to create your knives, handle, etc. It is important to have an air filtration system especially when the laboratory is not very ventilated.

Consider that in addition to steels, the handle is made of different materials such as wood, some of which are toxic, Micarta , G10, carbon fiber, bones, glues, etc. all materials that produce powders almost all toxic to humans.

As I told you at the beginning, still use a mask with filters is always recommended but when the sander is off, because you have finished the work on the sander, you usually take off the mask But the dust is still circulating and that is why it is essential to have laboratory air cleaning filters.

The cleanliness of the air in the laboratory is a safety issue that you can never overlook.

The Grizzly G0738 is a 3-speed suspended air filter (therefore to hang high in the laboratory).

This filter completes the work that most dust collectors only start.

Wood dust, G10. Micarta, etc. can leave your lab “messy” and potentially cause intoxication and breathing problems.

Turn on the G0738 suspended air filter while you work and set the timer to work after leaving the lab.

In this way the filter will continue to clean the air of fine particles that might otherwise find a home where you do not want them.

When used in conjunction with an efficient dust collector, the G0738 suspended air filter removes finer wood particles up to 1 micron from the air.

The remote control allows the machine to operate from any corner of your workshop, even if the view is obstructed.

The Grizzly 0738 air filter can be set to operate at three airflow speeds:

  • 260 (LO),
  • 362 (MED) and
  • 409 (HI) CFM.

To scroll through the available Grizzly 0738 air filter speeds, press the ON SPEED button repeatedly on the control panel or remote control.

This will illuminate the corresponding lights on the control panel.

Air Filter Grizzly 0738

Control the dust of your laboratory from knife maker with the Grizzly 0738 air filter

This air filter is able to circulate air in a room of 6 x 6 x 3 meters (20′ x 20′ x 8′) about 7.7 times in an hour.

It is recommended to recirculate the volume of air in the room 6-9 times per hour to achieve the best filtering effect.

The air filter can be set for timed performance of 1, 2 or 4 hours.

At the end of this period, the air filter will turn off automatically.

If you need a machine for a larger space, the G0572 suspended air filter is able to circulate air in a room measuring 25′ x 25′ x 8′ about 15 times in an hour.

Like all Grizzly suspended air filters, the G0738 comes with a 1-year warranty that covers parts and ensures the unit is free from factory defects.

The technical manual was written by our US-based technical documentation department and is packed with useful information.

The complete and easy-to-read Grizzly 0738 air filter manual simplifies filter assembly and maintenance.

Grizzly’s customer service and technical support teams are based in the United States.

Parts for your machine may be available online and shipped from Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.

ETL Certificate

Grizzly 0738 Air Filter Specifications

  • Motor: 1/8 HP, 120V, single-phase, 1A
  • Airflow: 260, 362, 409 CFM
  • Timer settings: 1, 2, 4 hours
  • External filter: 5 microns
  • Internal filter: 1 micron
  • Overall size is 50 cm (20″) W x 43 cm (17″) D x 25.4 cm (10″)H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 15 kg (34 lbs).

Features of the air filter Grizzly 0738

  • Infrared remote control system adjusts speed, timer and on/off commands
  • Easy to replace filters, no tools needed
  • The internal filter can be washed or blown with compressed air
  • Includes eyebolts and chains to hang it from the ceiling or can be used on a workbench

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The cleanliness of the air in the laboratory is a safety issue that you can never overlook.

Often being in the laboratories of friends we realize that the environment is too dusty and that not only are there no filters, suction systems, etc. but even face protection masks with filters are not used.

Because I’m talking about face protection masks, which many consider uncomfortable and expensive, because even through the eyes some materials can intoxicate the human body.

One of the aspects to take into account in a laboratory is definitely the cleanliness of the air especially when working with many materials, if you can not neglect this aspect, you work even better with good air quality in the laboratory.

Are you experience?


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