Anvil with train rail

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Anvil with train rail

Anvil with train rail is a simple and inexpensive way to build a small anvil on which to lean to beat the pins, create a hammered effect on the blade, and where you need a solid support But using a train rail as an anvil is not safe and highly discouraged.

The train rail is a very heavy object and could easily cause serious injury if it falls or moves while using it as an anvil so the first thing to do is to fix it to the floor in a solid way.

In addition, one of the first things you need to do since the train rail has a section with a curved support plane is to level the rolling surface of the rail to make it flat.

If you have to use it to beat the pins, or make a hammered effect on the blade plate, etc. you absolutely have to work on a plane if you want to do a clean job and avoid uncomfortable work or twisting the blade.

It is clear that small anvils have an affordable price and especially those to beat the pins, you do not need large dimensions and avoid beating on the vice with the risk of damaging it.

Anvil with train rail

Anvil with train rail

Train rails are made of high-strength steel and are designed to withstand a very high static and dynamic load, such as that of a moving train.

The train rails do not have to use it as a real anvil for forging because they have not been designed to withstand the pressure and wear of use as an anvil, and could easily deform or break.

There are many safe and effective alternatives to using a train rail as an anvil, such as buying or making a real anvil specially designed for this purpose.

Anvil with train rail

Anvil with train rail

The anvils are made of high quality steel and are designed to withstand stress and dissipate heat generated during metalworking.

In general, it is always important to use the correct tools and appropriate equipment to work properly and minimize the risk of injury or damage.

Using a train rail as an anvil is not advisable and could be dangerous, it could damage the surface and alter the mechanical properties of the steel, compromising its ability to withstand stress.

In addition, train rails may contain impurities such as sulfur, phosphorus and carbon, which can contaminate the metal being processed and cause structural defects.

First, the rails are made of tempered steel and are not designed to withstand repeated side impacts such as those that would be caused by hammering on them.

In addition, there may be a risk of throwing metal splinters in all directions, causing injury to those nearby.

It is not safe or recommended to use a train rail as an anvil.

For these reasons, it is much safer and recommended to use an anvil designed specifically for this purpose.

The anvils are made of high-strength steel and are designed to withstand repeated hammer blows.

In addition, the anvils have a flat and smooth surface that allows you to work with precision and obtain high quality results, it is true that you can also recreate the flat surface on the rail and also create the other parts that make up an anvil but only to use it as a support surface to beat, as feedback not to use it to forge steel.

Anvil with train rail



If you need a support surface on which to retort and you want to stop doing it on the vice is a good and economical solution, but surely what I recommend is to flatten the surface of the rail to create the plate on which to beat.

Surely you can give it a shape that resembles an anvil to also have some other typical functions of an anvil but surely the rail should not be used to forge metal.

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