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Blades under the porchesBlades under the arcades is an exhibition of handmade knives that arrives in 2021 at the 21st edition.

The twenty-first edition of “Blades under the arcades” will take place on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 October 2021 in the shadow of the fifteenth-century arcades of the Via Colleoni in Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo)

It is an exhibition that takes place in the shadow of the medieval arcades of Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo) and takes place every year in the last week of May.

It is a unique opportunity to admire custom and artisan knives in a truly picturesque setting.

A very friendly atmosphere that characterizes it and that leads many makers to participate with the spirit of getting together and talking about blades as well as selling them.

“Blades under the arcades” is an exhibition of handcrafted knives promoted by the Section of the Avis of Romano of Lombardy that promotes different activities that can create social and cultural interests in their most diverse forms such as that of the custom knife.

This is how it happens with this exhibition whose success, over the years, has been consecrated by the large turnout of visitors, collectors or simple enthusiasts, from all over Italy.

blades under the porches

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Among the makers who exhibit their works under the arcades of Via Colleoni you can meet an incredible mix made by the best “authors” of the Italian artisan knife along with some young emerging makers who have already made themselves known for their “young” works.

This is also a great opportunity to exhibit for those who look to this beautiful art.

All the makers now consider “Blades under the arcades” an essential appointment in their exhibition and sales calendar.

The makers are of different extractions and exhibit artisanal shards, traditional and modern shapes, bringing together in the same place different ideas and cultures that coexist on the tables of the many makers on display.

Among the knife makers who participate you can meet both the best “authors” of the artisan knife and some emerging young people who have already been noted for the accuracy of the workmanship and the functionality of their models.

The twenty-first edition will see a special competition reserved for the best knife / set of chef’s knives; always present the award ceremony of the artisans authors of the best closable knife, the best fixed blade model and the best damask steel blade and best in show; the awards ceremony will be made on Saturday.

Blades under the porches

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The Foraters

As for several years now has become a well-established tradition the presence of the group “Coltellinai forging Bergamo

A research laboratory on damascussteel” that try during the exhibition in the forging of some blades in damascus and with them the presence of the AA&C Association Arrotini and Coltellerie.

blades under the porches
In addition to these two specialists of forging and sharpening are also inserted other activities related to the knife or its use that vary from year to year.
These activities are always related to the use of a knife in different areas such as survival/bushcraft, etc.

Visitors will certainly appreciate the friendly atmosphere that distinguishes this exhibition immersed in an evocative “location”.

Each edition of“Blades Under the Arcades”ends with the awarding of the artisan authors in the specialty:

  • of the best fixed-blade knife,
  • of the best lockable knife,
  • of the best Damascus steel blade.

Additional rewards are then awarded to other categories that vary according to current trends.

Visitors can participate in the charity lottery in favor of the AVIS which reserves rich prizes with natural products.

The competition of sport cutting with knife

Lame sotto i portici 2021 will be proud to host the sports cutting competition with knife, organized by Broken Blades Italia ASD, the first and only stagein the Lombardy region, on the occasion they will be proclaimed regional champion and Italian champion of the specialty.

For many this discipline will be a novelty, for years it has been practiced all over the world and is progressively establishing itself also in Italy. Other small surprises for the public and exhibitors are being designed and implemented.

Where is Blades under the arcades

Romano of Lombardy is about 30 km from Bergamo and 50 km from Milan and can be easily reached by the A35 motorway (Roman exit of Lombardy), a 4 motorway (Serious exit) from highway No. 11 Superior Padana or by train (Milan-Verona-Venice).

The poster of the 2018 edition

blades under the porches

For more information about the exhibition Blades under the arcades: – facebook group “lamesottoiportici”, e-mail – Bruno Landi (333/6107156) only late afternoon and evening hours,Franco Dodesini (3939355725) only in the evening hours.


All makers and knife enthusiasts now consider “Blades under the arcades” an unmissable appointment in their calendar, not only an exhibition of knives but a pomp for both exhibitors and the public.

If you are passionate about knives it is a nice opportunity to visit this exhibition and the characteristic place where it takes place.

Are you experience?



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This post is also available in: Italian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil)

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