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AdvertisingThe advertising on the blog appeared and some user asked me in private why advertising on the blog and I want to explain why in this pill of the day.

Like everything even if it seems free it is not.

The project

To make a blog as you need money and advertising is a way to manage the living expenses that are there for the domain, the various applications needed to build it, etc. Continue reading “Advertising on the blog”

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Facebook knife logo

The facebook and Instagram page of and other social networks is done.

With this post I want to inaugurate the pill of the day that wants to be a way to make short communications about news or short news.

Clearly these are “pills” so posts a few lines but informative.

Today the pill of the day is linked to the social part of!

The page on Facebook and Instagram are open although I want to say it right away but I have my own personal approach to social networks that I find an interesting tool but always with respect for the work of other people and those who do.

Read this post about online and social communication!

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What is the project

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Welcome to the blog of KnivesMania my name is Andrea.

Are you here for the first time on Start reading from here.

If you’re also looking for tips and useful information on how to improve or start your art as a knife maker or knifemaker (DIY Knife) you’re in the right place!

My intent with the KnifeMania project is to tell you about my journey as a fan with the hope of encouraging you or having the chance to meet myself High level maker to go along with this passion and share our experiences in order to create knives more and more valuable artistic and technical in the continuous search for forms, design, innovation, experimentation. Continue reading “What is the project”

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