Knife Play and the Game of Knives.

Knife Play, InKnife Play and the Game of Knives.

KnifePlay is a form of consensual BDSM cosplay game that involves knives, daggers and swords as a source of physical and mental stimulation.

The game of knives is a form of consensual BDSM cosplay game involving cutting weapons such as knives, daggers and swords used as a source of physical and mental stimulation. Continue reading “Knife Play and the Game of Knives.”

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The ideal knife maker lab

The knife maker's workshopThe ideal knife maker workshop is a place that allows you to build the design of the knife that you want to make with the desired finish and care.

The tools help but for my experience what makes the difference is the maker’s ability to “feel” the detail and achieve it.

Man always makes a difference!

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The Maker’s Hamlet Doubt

the Hamlet doubt of the makerThe hamlet doubt par excellence of the makers.

CNC yes or CNC no? That’s the problem!

The knife is custom even if it is made with the CNC or only if it is made with the sander?

Now it’s clearly a pun to quote Shakespeare’s Hamlet but this question is part of one of the many controversies/debates/other kind of mental saws that are made on the net on social media between makers.

Now I tell you how I feel! Continue reading “The Maker’s Hamlet Doubt”

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3D printing for knifemakers

3D printing for knifemakers


3D printing for knifemakers and in the world of knifemaking is something innovative and i’m experimenting with.

The ability to have more and more synthetic materials (TPU, PLA, ABS, HIPS, WOOD) and with various colors allows you to experiment with new solutions.

Attention!!! Experimenting does not mean selling knives with these elements assembled on the knife.

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Laser engravings in the knife shop

laser engravings Laser engravings for wood, plastic, leather, etc. in the cutlery is something that is also coming in this area.

It’s something as innovative as using the 3D printer.

Today with little money you can take a laser inecline for tender materials such as plastic, micarta, kydex, hardwood, bamboo, rubber, leather, cut paper or other flammable plastic (such as phone covers, mouse, pencils, name paper, wallets, comb of painted metal, ivory, PCBA, etc. Continue reading “Laser engravings in the knife shop”

Evaluate a 40 euro knife vs 400 euros – I’ll explain why knives are expensive

Manufacturers of industrial and artisan knives and knife consumers are in recent years discovering that even the knife industry is not immune to the aggressive prices offered by foreign producers who come mainly from China and neighbouring countries.

With the large amount of cheap labour and the availability of cheap materials, Chinese manufacturers in particular have increased their production of cheap knives by invading Western markets even with counterfeit copies of knives of big brands of industrial knives.

Sometimes it can be difficult for an unwitting user to choose between a cheap 40 euro knife and a well-made 400 euro knife and understand the reasons for it. Continue reading “Evaluate a 40 euro knife vs 400 euros – I’ll explain why knives are expensive”

How to choose a survival knife

Of all the knives in your collection, what could possibly be the most important and difficult to choose is your survival knife.

Your life could literally depend on your decision.

The number of disaster situations faced by residents around the world has increased in recent years where, for example, at the beginning of this decade the annual number of disasters was much lower than in the 1950s. Continue reading “How to choose a survival knife”

The Angel of Knives

The Angel of Knives

The Angel of Knives is an artistic work made of knives and found in the United Kingdom.

British artist Alfie Bradley, who has spent the last two years creating“The Angel of Knives“, a sculpture nearly 7 and a half meters high consisting of 100,000 knives seized by the police.

The work was set up to raise awareness of the UK’s rising crime rate.

The spontaneous comparison is with the TV series “Game of Thrones“, which in the mythology of the famous TV series would consist of 1,000 swords conquered to the enemies of the king. Continue reading “The Angel of Knives”

Knives in cinema

Knives in cinema

Knives in the cinema have always been present.

Anyone who loves knives can probably name a movie or two with a knife they liked, or one of the best knife scenes they’ll never forget.

So I want to show you a list of movies to see if you remember these blades beyond the movie.

Each maker has some reference knife or knife maker models that inspire shall inspire or inspire him. Continue reading “Knives in cinema”