Diy-to-do volcanic fiber spacers

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SpacerDIY vulcan fiber spacers are a way to create some elements yourself that you put on the knife.

It is more a personal satisfaction than a necessity given the low cost of these elements that you put on the knife

If you read the blog you know how I like it by personal choice i make many tools and materials alone.

I’m a fan of DIY (acronym for Do It Yourself,equivalent to the Italian DIY) Continue reading “Diy-to-do volcanic fiber spacers”

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Books, magazines and videos useful for a knifemaker

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For all those who want to get closer to the world of knife building and are interested in help, I recommend these books and magazines in theindustry.

Even today’s top makers have started by studying some if not all of these books and reading on Italian and American forums and reading Italian industry magazines, Knives and “AuthorBlades ” and American magazines, such as “Blade

Today you also have a great chance because thanks to social networks like facebook and instagramwhere many makers post videos while working.

YouTube where there are many videos , etc. you have the opportunity to see many operations that are done to build a knife. Continue reading “Books, magazines and videos useful for a knifemaker”

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DIY Prussia Blue

prussia blue

Prussia or blue tracking, in English “blue layout” brush or spray is a way to create a bottom on the bar or knife to trace the guide curves or reference curves of the knife.

Tracing with the prussia blue of the bar you are working on is an important and precise help when building the knife of chisels, punctures, etc.

Using indelible markers is a widely used solution but if you use this method you know that just a little water or WD-40 and you immediately lose the tracing, a nice hassle while you are working on your blade. Continue reading “DIY Prussia Blue”