Wheels for abrasive pasta

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Wheels for abrasive pastaThe abrasive dough wheels are cotton wheels on which the abrasive pastes are applied to perform on the knife and handle an abrasion until you reach a polish.

This is the operation that usually final when the knife is now finished or on the guard before mounting, etc. depends on what you are doing.

Wheels, cotton discs, sisal and felt are together with solid abrasive pastes for polishing metals but also handles. Continue reading “Wheels for abrasive pasta”

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Ms-TT Tempering Oven by Prederi

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Ms-TT Tempering Oven by Prederi Ms-TT tempering oven from Prederi for knives.

Today the post is about this additional possibility for those who decide to do the thermal treatments of their own home made blades.

Prederi Vittorio & Sons is a company that was founded in Milan in 1960.

Prederi Vittorio & Sons is a leading international company for the design and production of electrical and industrial furnaces, applied to the thermal treatment sectors, scientific laboratories and research, goldsmith sector. Continue reading “Ms-TT Tempering Oven by Prederi”

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The grip for knifemaking

Knifemaking grips are essential to perform different operations and can’t be missing in your lab.

Having a stable “block” of the knife during processing is also very important for this in addition to a quality grip also serves a stable and heavy fastening base.

The workbench must have a good structure and weight because the reminders working the metal are considerable and all unwanted movements result in little precision of the processing or force you to work with less thrust to avoid these movements. Continue reading “The grip for knifemaking”

The over-the-counter insert press

over-the-counter pressThe over-the-counter press is one of the tools that are often used to properly insert rivets when making liners in kydex.

Elastic teflon marks/re-reiterates are used to reaffirm cases of kydex (knives, guns, mobile phones, keychains, cutlery, etc…), but what interests us is mainly for knife linings.

It is a tool that if you notice it you see in many knife maker workshops. Continue reading “The over-the-counter insert press”

Filework on the back for the chicken

filework, how to use the file to fire the grip on the back of the knife
Filework image during a work in progress!

Apart from the aesthetic filework with geometric patterns more or less complex performed with limes that embellish and embellish the blade there is a type of file work that is done mainly for the thumb to increase the grip.

This type of processing increases the grip when you use your thumb in the thrust position and that makes this type of processing functional to the use of the knife as well as giving a technical aesthetic reason to the blade. Continue reading “Filework on the back for the chicken”

Laser engravings in the knife shop

laser engravings Laser engravings for wood, plastic, leather, etc. in the cutlery is something that is also coming in this area.

It’s something as innovative as using the 3D printer.

Today with little money you can take a laser inecline for tender materials such as plastic, micarta, kydex, hardwood, bamboo, rubber, leather, cut paper or other flammable plastic (such as phone covers, mouse, pencils, name paper, wallets, comb of painted metal, ivory, PCBA, etc. Continue reading “Laser engravings in the knife shop”