Loveless pins

Loveless pinsLoveless pins or pins of Loveless are one of the many features that distinguish the knives of the great American maker.

I’m just talking about the handles locking pins of his knives.

Today there are many systems to fix the handle but in those years the famous maker created a simple and funional way to fix the handle, not only with simple pins but with something similar to the Corby Bolt. Continue reading “Loveless pins”

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The hole for the paracord on the knife

Often in some knives you see a hole in the handle and in some also in the blade and this hole is used for the passage of cables and paracords.

The paracord on the knife is useful for improving grip and working safely and keeping the knife in grip when you have advanced grips typical of Survival/Prepping techniques such as advanced batoning.

Not all knives must have the hole or holes for the paracord but depending on the type of use of the target or their own aesthetic taste. Continue reading “The hole for the paracord on the knife”

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Corby Bolt

Corby BoltThe handle fixing system with the Corby bolts is a very interesting system in the world of knife makers but not only.

It is a threaded pin with two diameters that allows a mechanical fixation of the cheeks that however must be glued and then the screw cuts on the pins are eliminated during the processing of the handle and the finished handle looks as if you used simple pins but in fact you made a mechanical tightening not only a planting as in the case of the pin.

Usually the inner diameter is 4 mm in diameter, and the outer diameter is 6 mm in diameter, but there are also 8 mm versions of external diameter although I think they are a bit large but it is a personal taste. Continue reading “Corby Bolt”

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