The butterfly knife is an Italian invention

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butterfly knifeThe butterfly knife (also called balisong or in English butterfly knife) is a knife of Filipino origin, so-called for the peculiarity of the handle, which is opened in two parts longitudinally, to discover the blade.

Also called“the power container”,the balisong is a knife with incredible features.

As mentioned, the peculiarity of the butterfly knife is in the handle that opening longitudinally allows you to discover the blade, almost always monophilic. Continue reading “The butterfly knife is an Italian invention”

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Food grade steels

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When you have to build a kitchen knife the choice of steel becomes limited especially if it is oriented to the sale where you have to use only certified steel.

In today’s post I want to talk about the latest authorized changes of theDecree 12 December 2007, No. 269 for the production of materials in contact with food (Only for Italy and EU).

In particular, stainless steels and if you are a maker who makes kitchen knives you absolutely have to do things according to the law and use only certified steels. Continue reading “Food grade steels”

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How to choose a survival knife

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Of all the knives in your collection, what could possibly be the most important and difficult to choose is your survival knife.

Your life could literally depend on your decision.

The number of disaster situations faced by residents around the world has increased in recent years where, for example, at the beginning of this decade the annual number of disasters was much lower than in the 1950s. Continue reading “How to choose a survival knife”

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Anatomy of a fixed knife and nomenclature

The parts that make up the knife are elements that you need to know and after analyzing in detail the profiles of the blades, types of cod and The most common bisellatures it is important to go to see all the other parts that make up a fixed blade knife and the types of cod.

I did a pattern with nomenclature and variants to try to cover all the possibilities you have in most knives on the market.

This is important for the constructive choice of the knife and to know the different possibilities and offer your customers a wide panorama of choices. Continue reading “Anatomy of a fixed knife and nomenclature”

The Japanese Higonokami pocket knife

Higonokami, New1The Japanese pocket knife Higonokami.

In the world of knives, there is a knife that is going through the times with an ancient history and present in all Japanese families.

His name is Higonokami.

If we wanted to make a comparison it could be in Europe and in Italy the Opinel pocket knife or the Swiss knife with the difference that it is called one of the simplest and cheapest knives to make. Continue reading “The Japanese Higonokami pocket knife”

The dagger push

push dagger

The push dagger is a knife very oriented to personal defense and that has its own specific area of application and an ancient history.

Today’s knife industry often brings back many “coloured” objects from the past.

One of these is the push dagger or push knife that remains a unique knife designed for close combat and personal defense.

It is a cutting weapon that is many years old, perhaps already created thousands of years ago although with larger sizes and different shapes,but today there are still versions of push daggers available both custom and industrial such as those of Cold Steel. Continue reading “The dagger push”

Type of Blades

Blade Types

La forma delle lame è una caratteristica distintiva del coltello.


The shape of the knife is not only an aesthetic matter but also concerns the type of use, the ability to cut and penetrate, etc.


There are dozens and dozens of knife blade shapes, but I want to show you the most used and common ones with variants and description of some of the most common types used in modern knives. Continue reading “Type of Blades”

Wire floor vs serrated wire – Which is better?

Have on the knife the flat wire (plane blade) vs serrated blade on the knife, which is better?

To do this it is essential to understand the differences, the best uses and therefore which to choose between the two.

Very often the same knife has options to better adapt to the needs of the customer who may require customizations.

This type of activity on often industrial knives is something very interesting and fun because it meets the needs of real users of their knife who give interesting ideas.

I happen to receive from friends requests for variation of their knife goingto insert variants to facilitate the use of the steel, insert holes for paracord, create the serrated wire, insert the filework longitudinal grip to have more grip for thumb (thumb), etc. Continue reading “Wire floor vs serrated wire – Which is better?”