Documents to be integrated with the knife

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Documents to be integrated with the knife are necessary if you want to do it professionally.

The form in which you sell knives is not something to be overlooked and the packaging and documents to be supplemented when selling or giving a knife are details that are appreciated.

Selling a knife is not easy, ask many knife-goers and they will tell you how some of them manage easily to sell their knives and others instead of doing it with such effort, all regardless of the quality and beauty of the their blades.

But to sell them you still need to start adding some value to the knives by making a certificate of authenticity and a datasheet for each knife where its characteristics are explained.

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Knife maintenance tips

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knife maintenance

Knife maintenance is useful to ensure the full functionality of the knife and its durability over time.

How should the maintenance be done?

Many knife manufacturers and makers who have high-quality knives ensure rapid replacement (unless the product is temporarily unavailable) in many cases such as:

  • manufacturing defect that undermines the functionality of the product;
  • caused by a defect in the realization or the defect inherent in the material.

Many provide the guarantee that covers knives indefinitely.

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Evaluate a 40 euro knife vs 400 euros – I’ll explain why knives are expensive

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Manufacturers of industrial and artisan knives and knife consumers are in recent years discovering that even the knife industry is not immune to the aggressive prices offered by foreign producers who come mainly from China and neighbouring countries.

With the large amount of cheap labour and the availability of cheap materials, Chinese manufacturers in particular have increased their production of cheap knives by invading Western markets even with counterfeit copies of knives of big brands of industrial knives.

Sometimes it can be difficult for an unwitting user to choose between a cheap 40 euro knife and a well-made 400 euro knife and understand the reasons for it. Continue reading “Evaluate a 40 euro knife vs 400 euros – I’ll explain why knives are expensive”

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Where to sell your knives

where to sell your knivesOnce you have built the knife it can be very interesting to be able to sell your knives for three basic purposes:

  • Paying for the materials and equipment to make new knives by re-paying for the passion,
  • Making money with our creations to make your life easier,
  • Create a real workactivity.

Each of us has personal goals when he ventures into knife creation.

Although I believe that the appearance or if you want the fundamental spark is the passion for this art, the rest becomes a consequence related to how this passion proceeds and your interest/motivation/personal purpose.

But without the passion I think it is not a path that can be taken given also the commitment it requires. Continue reading “Where to sell your knives”

The price of the knife

The value of one’s knife is linked to several factors ranging from the cost of making it to the maker who makes it but its resulting price is a theme that first or then all the makers are faced with.

Whether it’s your hobby where some acquaintance/friend asks you to make one or you’re a professional maker and it’s your real profession but sooner or later you have to give a value to your knife.

Most people are used to seeing the price of industrial knives they see on the shelves or at best someone goes into knife shop and to some the idea that a knife gives a figure followed by a 0 become when it is made by a maker followed by 2 serious or even 3 zeros seems exaggerated but it is not so.

You can’t clearly compare the value of an industrial knife with a custom, custom-built knife with the shape you want or even let yourself be entrusted to creativity and the search for the maker. Continue reading “The price of the knife”