Niolox Steel

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Niolox steel is a stainless steel produced by Lohmann(or n679 produced by Bohler) that has a special composition that improves its resistance by giving it the strength of the sharp wire of a high-carbonsteel, but with better resistance to corrosion.

NIOLOX is therefore a stainless steel with good toughness and a good grip capacity of the cutting edge.

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Juma ®

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Juma ®

Juma ® is a modern and high-quality material for the production of knife parts such as handles or components and art objects.

It is produced by the German company Elforyn and is a collection of various minerals embedded in the resin.

This company has a “simple” motto related to the protection of some animal species often used to obtain materials used in different areas.


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Steel N690 Co

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N690CO stainless steel, is a steel used a lot in the knives both industrial and by many makers for the high hardness and resistance to wear, good resistance to corrosion.

This is not the first steel to use to make knives but over time it is definitely a steel that you have to put in your set of materials.

N690 is a steel produced by Bohler-Uddeholm and is a chromium and cobalt martensitic steel, molybdeno and vanadium. Continue reading “Steel N690 Co”

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The knife maker’s inconel and candy

InconelThe inconel and the candy of the knife maker.

The knife maker’s candy is called inconel, and it is the “tight dress” for the knife when it goes into temper.

Now it’s not something you need but if you want to take the level and quality of the temper to the next level this is one way.

The aim is to create a dress at the knife trying to bring out all the air inside what is called “candy” in the jargon. Continue reading “The knife maker’s inconel and candy”

The polishing dough for metals in the cutlery

The polishing paste for metalsThe polishing paste for metals in the knife shop but in general the abrasive paste is a product that serves to create a surface wear (abrasion) of an object by rubbing, in order to modify the external properties of the same.

From this paste also derive polishes with abrasive (but more diluted) characteristics, which originally have functions similar to protective wax.

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Steel C70 and its alternative K720


The C70 is one of the steels widely used in the cheap knifeshop.

It is used on low-end knives while having excellent qualities.

So-called carbon steel is a alloy consisting essentially of Fe (iron) and C (carbon) plus some other chemical element depending on the classification and the manufacturer.

It is a“simple”steel(at least on paper!)to work both for forging and for removal from a bar. Continue reading “Steel C70 and its alternative K720”