Comparison table of grains

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The uniformity and size of an abrasive grain are ensured by technically precise control procedures in order to ensure the processed pieces are cheap, effective, uniform and as perfect as possible.

The identification of the size of the abrasive granules, is based on the number of meshes present in a square inch of a sieve through which the granules of different sizes pass.

The sieves arranged in series, vibrating, allow the passage of the granules from the thinmost (grain 220/240) to the largest (grain 16). Continue reading “Comparison table of grains”

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Fake in the world of knives

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There are also more and more reports of fake knives in this area.

Often the first to notice it are the knife that is required to sharpen and that immediately signal that the knife received is not original.

This phenomenon is mainly aimed at famous brands in kitchen knives (e.g. the Global) or military knives (e.g. Extrema Ratio, Fox, etc.)

Also in the world of blades there is the counterfeiting of the most famous brands. Continue reading “Fake in the world of knives”

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