The Daily Pill 002 – The blog advert

AdvertisingThe advertising on the blog appeared and some user asked me in private why advertising on the blog and I want to explain why in this pill of the day.

Like everything even if it seems free it is not.

The project

To make a blog as you need money and advertising is a way to manage the living expenses that are there for the domain, the various applications needed to build it, etc. Continue reading “The Daily Pill 002 – The blog advert”

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The Pill of the Day 001 – The page on facebook and Instagram

Facebook knife logo

The facebook and Instagram page of and other social networks is done.

With this post I want to inaugurate the pill of the day that wants to be a way to make short communications about news or short news.

Clearly these are “pills” so posts a few lines but informative.

Today the pill of the day is linked to the social part of!

The page on Facebook and Instagram are open although I want to say it right away but I have my own personal approach to social networks that I find an interesting tool but always with respect for the work of other people and those who do.

Read this post about online and social communication!

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