Books, magazines and videos useful for a knifemaker

For all those who want to get closer to the world of knife building and are interested in help, I recommend these books and magazines in theindustry.

Even today’s top makers have started by studying some if not all these books and reading on Italian and American forums and reading Italian industry magazines, Knives and “
Blades ” and American magazines, such as “

Today you also have a great chance because thanks to social networks such as facebook

and instagram where many makers post videos while working.

where there are many videos , etc. you have the opportunity to see many operations that are done to build a knife. Continue reading “Books, magazines and videos useful for a knifemaker”

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What is the project


Welcome to the blog of KnivesMania my name is Andrea.

Are you here for the first time on Start reading from here.

If you’re also looking for tips and useful information on how to improve or start your art as a knife maker or knifemaker (DIY Knife) you’re in the right place!

My intent with the KnifeMania project is to tell you about my journey as a fan with the hope of encouraging you or having the chance to meet myself High level maker to go along with this passion and share our experiences in order to create knives more and more valuable artistic and technical in the continuous search for forms, design, innovation, experimentation. Continue reading “What is the project”

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