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Welcome to the blog of ColtelliMania my name is Andrea.

Are you here for the first time on coltellimania.com? Start reading from here.

If you are also looking for tips and useful information on how to improve or start your art as a knife maker or knifemaker (DIY Knife) you are in the right place!

My intent with the ColtelliMania project is to tell you about my journey as an enthusiast with the hope of encouraging you or having the chance to meet myself High-level maker to pursue this passion together and share our experiences in order to create knives of increasingly artistic and technical value in the continuous search for shapes, design, innovation, experimentation.




The story

When I was a child like many of you I received as a gift very simple knives but what an emotion.

I remember when I bought during a trip to the medieval castles in Valle D’Aosta my first knife that seemed sturdy and large to me then but was little more than a souvenir.

From there some Swiss army knife then a military field knife given by my grandfather a true bushcraft enthusiast (it will be for the 8 years of war made) and that we used in the long adventures in the Piedmontese and Ligurian woods.

I still remember when as a child I ordered on a catalog a knife that I liked and the 100 pack arrived that I had to clearly return, at that time there was still no internet for me.

Self-defense and combat sports

Then growing my passion for walking in the mountains and buying more and more serious knives thanks to my work and my passion as a kid for Martial arts and combat sports, to get to the passion for Short knife fencing (a word you hear a lot now but before my blog spread it they called it in many ways except by its name), a journey that lasted 20 years and that continues today to the point of creating the blog expertfightingtips.com that if you are passionate I recommend you visit and where you can find a lot of information On the art of bare-handed and armed combat.


The short knife fencing and the encounter with a real knife maker

Precisely from this passion for short fencing, with the idea of making some training knives to train but with the specificities that I wanted and in this research I met a Maker And master of the CIC, to which I naively asked for some tips to make me a Aluminum Training Knife, and I still remember his face to a question so naïve addressed to a maker of that value.

But he kindly answered me and invited me and showed me his workshop and try for the first time on the belt sander.

I remember the beauty of seeing the knives he had in the process, the materials, the hanging ribbons, and then seeing the finished knives with that level of detail.

From there I do not remember well how and the reason but I can tell you that he asked me if I wanted to learn.

The commitments and the beginning of training (if it is an art it is endless)

Honestly my commitments related to martial arts and combat sports are many and adding this additional commitment was and is complicated for me but I couldn’t say no to this fantastic possibility, and from there the beginning of the journey and visits to the workshop to start learning, which I still do the art of knife making.

I was an expert in martial arts a white belt of the world of knifemaking, but I always remain a black belt as an approach to life and step by step I want to cross this new passion with a very specific goal, to learn the art at its best!

Always so I did.

From there the purchase of the first used sander and the first equipment, materials, knives thrown away because wrong, the first drawings, the research, even the anger, the frustrations of not succeeding and then discover the way to do it, etc. the journey into this world and the idea of the ColtelliMania project.

What is the coltellimania.com project coltellimania.com

The beginning of the journey

From there the beginning of the journey, this is coltellimania.com, a journey into the world of knife construction with me but with a new perspective linked to my training and my profession.

They often ask me: “Is it possible that I too can learn an art to build a knife from scratch?”

This is the typical question that more and more often many people ask themselves in times like these when it is thought that only with expensive and sophisticated equipment can certain things be done.

I am here to help you answer this question and many more, the solutions exist and are all feasible although as with everything there is a learning process.

Mail: coltellimania@gmail.com


Why the name ColtelliMania?

The name ColtelliMania is the union of an Italian word and a word that is also known in English as mania but that has the same meaning in Italian to be able to communicate even beyond the Italian borders but keeping the word knives in Italian.

ColtelliMania™ is the first step-by-step training system with the collaboration of enthusiasts and experts in different types of knives and with a strong focus on creativity to help those who want to approach the world of makers in a fun and clean way.

It’s about art, it’s about work tools, it’s about passion.

The choice of the name “ColtelliMania” for my project has a very specific reason.

It is a name that reflects my passion for knives in a clear and appealing way, and has been carefully chosen for several reasons:

  1. Italian and International: “ColtelliMania” is a name in Italian, but it also contains the word “mania,” which is recognizable in many languages, including English, and shares the same meaning. This choice aims to communicate beyond the Italian borders, allowing anyone, regardless of language, to understand the passion for knives.
  2. Clarity and Recognizability: The name “ColtelliMania” is clear and immediately recognizable. It represents the passion and interest for knives in a direct and engaging way.
  3. Focus on Learning: The use of the word “Mania” suggests a strong interest and dedication, which is what I try to inspire in my readers and followers. The construction of knives can become a real craze, in the positive sense, a passion that leads to learning and constant improvement.
  4. Versatility: The name “ColtelliMania” is suitable for both collector knife enthusiasts and those who wish to learn the art of knife making. This versatility is reflected in my mission to offer training and information for anyone with an interest in knives.

Ultimately, “ColtelliMania” is much more than just a name.

It is a declaration of passion, learning and sharing in the world of knives, a passion that I want to share with anyone who wants to approach this fascinating art.

It’s about art, it’s about work tools, it’s about passion, and that’s exactly what I try to promote through this project.

Now if you:

  • You’ve always been fond of knives but never made one;
  • Follow knife forums, knifemaking websites, maker facebook pages, but you’ve never thought of building one yourself;
  • You think you can’t build it yourself but you would like to;
  • Do you wonder if it is possible to learn even if your work involves you a lot and you have a family?
  • et cetera.

Welcome to the world of professional and non-professional knife makers!

Everyone does it with a purpose, with his own philosophy, with his own approach but with a common element that is the passion for the knife.

Every “Great” was a beginner!

Don’t be afraid to take the first step…

What is the coltellimania.com project coltellimania.com

If you are interested in getting to know me, in “training with me” to build knives, write to me!!

Like all forms of art, it has no end and no limits.

Happy reading and good trip!!!

Every “Great” was a beginner. Don’t be afraid to take the first step…

Still good practice and good trip with ColtelliMania.


Ps. Read! Studies! Apply! And share these articles!


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