ChefMe! the stone for sharpening knives

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ChefMe! the stone for sharpening knives

ChefMe! the stone for sharpening knives

ChefMe! is a set of water sharpening stones with grain 400/1000/3000/8000 to sharpen your knives with the whetstone supplied with non-slip silicone support and instructions also in Italian.

Today I want to talk about this product because more and more often I find myself sharpening knives of friends who have in their kitchens knives now cordless and that are thrown and forgotten at the bottom of the drawer.

Now this type of Premium stone can be a perfect help in the kitchen to have sharp knives and help you in the preparation of food but my advice is to do it with low and medium range knives, for professional knives it is better to turn to people experienced in sharpening with stone or with more professional tools.

Consider that stone sharpening still needs a minimum of practice and experience but as you will see you can equip yourself with guides that allow you to sharpen and maintain the correct sharpening angle .

Are your knives not sharp?

Then it can be an opportunity to use sanding stones like the ChefMe and bring your knives back to have a super efficient thread and you get back the joy of cooking again in your kitchen!

Using sharp knives not only makes cooking more fun, but also brings more confidence to your kitchen, in fact it will take significantly less pressure when cutting!

What can be sharpened with this type of stone?

ChefMe! the Stone for Sharpening Knives

ChefMe! Knife Sharpening Guide

ChefMe! the Stone for Sharpening Knives

Are you new to the field of knife sharpening?

Then I advise you for the first attempts to put help on your knife!

For the time being, you can forget all the thoughts about the sharpening angle and focus entirely on the grinding movement.

The most common mistake in grinding is the change of angle during the grinding movement.

This creates a round blade, which unfortunately is not sharp!

It does not matter if 12 or 15 degrees, but the angle must be constant!

Please note the following: the plastic material of the same sharpening aid does not cause scratches on the knife.

However, during the sharpening process, small particles from the grinding wheel stand between the mill and the knife.

Unfortunately, this sometimes causes scratches!

Then use the stand to sharpen knives only with cheap knives.

Only when you have gained enough experience, you should try your expensive knives and then sharpen without the help of the support!

ChefMe! the stone for sharpening knives

If you have any questions or suggestions, the manufacturer is available to give you suggestions, you can contact ChefMe! Team at any time!

  • to learn the smoothing movement
  • constant sharpening angle
  • Perfect for beginners in knife grinding
  • ideal complement for any sharpening stone
  • WARNING: use only with cheap knives! Abrasive grains can settle between the grinding aid and the knife and cause scratches!

The price is about 8 €

ChefMe! Stainless steel grinding wheel holder

ChefMe! the Stone for Sharpening Knives

Is a support for the stones needed to sharpen the knives? No.

Is sharpening with the stone door more comfortable? Yes!

The set of stones already contains two silicone insoles, with which the millstones rest very stably on the kitchen worktop.

  • non-slip and stable grip on the worktop
  • comfortable working height, especially with flat grinding wheels
  • enough space to keep the knife handle safe during grinding movement

If you sharpen your knives only once a year, the support for the stones I would say that it is not worth it but if you plan to perform sharpening regularly then this support allows you to have extra comfort in using the stone, it is also adjustable and can also be used with other stones.

ChefMe! the Stone for Sharpening Knives

The bars are made of stainless steel 304 (V2A) for the threaded bars because the sharpening of the knife that the support is in contact with water and for this reason the manufacturer has chosen this quality material.

The manufacturer writes in their manual that they hope that the support will continue to serve you well in 10 years!

  • Threaded pins IN STAINLESS STEEL 304 / V2A: anti-rust and resistant
  • NO SLIPPING: the rubber caps guarantee a firm grip on the worktop
  • PLEASANT WORKING HEIGHT: the bracket lifts the stone to sharpen to a comfortable height. Here’s how to make grinding fun!
  • FLEXIBLE: suitable for grinding wheels with a length of 14-21 cm
  • PERFECT as a supplement or gift for every whetstone user

The price is about 21 €

ChefMe! Leather Straps For Sharpening Knives 30x5cm with Abrasive Paste PUMA

ChefMe! the Stone for Sharpening Knives

ChefMe! the lace for those who really want a super sharp knife

Do you love sharp knives and want to pull the last one out of your blade?

So a leather belt is the tool you need.

In combination with PUMA abrasive paste you have everything at your fingertips, what you need for the fine sanding of your kitchen knives and razors.

  • Leather surface 30x5cm (cowhide)
  • fine and rough side
  • glued on natural wood for a stable and easy application
  • ideal supplement after using a grinder

The leather strap is ideal for regularly refreshing the sharpness of the knife.

Similarly, the blade can be polished with the leather belt after being sharpened with stone.

With a few strokes you can easily achieve an extra dose of “sharpness”.

Attention! blunt or damaged knives can not be sharpened only with the leather strap.

This is why it is important before the leather belt to use the set of stones.

ChefMe! the stone for sharpening knives

The supply includes:

  • Leather straps (double, on wood)
  • PUMA abrasive paste (7g)
  • Instructions in different languages (also in Italian)

ChefMe! the Stone for Sharpening Knives

About this article

  • Genuine leather strap for perfect sharpness of your kitchen knives and razors
  • Abrasive paste (PUMA) and Italian instructions are included, so you can start immediately
  • extra long version (30 x 5 cm), with which you can pull out the entire blade in one fell swoop without constantly re-setting
  • fine and rough leather side, glued to natural wood for a stable and uncomplicated application
  • ideal as a fine sanding after application with a sharpening stone



Learning to sharpen requires a lot of practice, really a lot and this set of stones and optional tools can be useful to have a correct start of the sharpening angle and continue freehand.

Practice sharpening stones with a low cost!

Do not expect to get great results right away but try, try again and if you follow all the instructions calmly and precisely you will get a good sharpening.

In the house people always have knives that they do not use because they no longer cut ask people to let them give and sharpen them, exercise.

With time and experience, you will be able to get a blade with an incredible cutting ability!

Make a good sharpening!

Are You Experience!?


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