Clamp File Guides

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Clamp File Guides
Clamp File Guides.
Clamp Guide files, what they are and what they are used for.
From the name you can guess, file in English is file and clamp is a block, it is “simply” a clamp that blocks on the blade to guide the file and not go beyond the defined limit.
A guide for working with the file and with the belt sander.
More and more often they see this type of products used to perform mainly 2 operations:
  • The symmetrical recess of chamfering
  • The parallelism of the support of the hidden shank

The file guide is designed to easily keep the lines and radii of the bevel on both sides of the blade symmetrical.

It has a reinforced protection in material with a very high HRC so you can perform evenly on your ricasso especially for hidden shanks.

Clamp File Guides

Clamp File Guides

Mainly these two precision operations and to which many makers ask for help to this tools.

This version of Rockblade file guides is made specifically for cutlery and is made by elements such as:
  • 4 mm tungsten carbide plates HRC 80.2 to withstand the hardness of the tapes and file when you approach
  • Accepts blades up to 45 mm wide, blades and protections up to 25 mm thick
  • Small dimensions that are 90 x 40 x 20 mm
  • It has a guide pin system to maintain the perfect alignment of the two supports as is the case for molds.

This Made in Italy version is of the highest quality and has one of the most competitive prices you find on the market, try to do a search.

Clamp File Guides

There are other versions of products of this type as well as those of the famous TRMaker or other versions with less famous and noble brands, but none is offered with such a competitive price and with this quality.

Do not do it but if you really do not trust do a search and then write me if it is not the best quality / price ratio for this type of product.

As always it is a product created under the supervision of real makers who use these products every day, professionals who create products to be used to produce knives that will end up in the best exhibitions around the world.

Is it necessary to use this type of product?

It depends on the type of knife you create, especially if you make knife handles with hidden tang, or if it can help you to create perfect symmetries in the area of the ricasso.

If you want to push yourself towards the most pushed detail this is a tool that can surely help you!

Clamp File Guides


It is a great tool that certainly helps you perform some operations, personally I use it when I have to do the hidden shank, for the bevel use it almost all makers but running freehand on tape for me means having more weight in hand and less sensitivity of support to the tape but I see that many makers who use Jig on the support surface to perform the bevels and often I also add the file guides.

In the end a knife comes out and the bevelling of the freehand blade is more a personal point of arrival of many makers, an expressive search for freedom, the final goal is always to get the blade with the desired proportions, the sections that flow.

Surely tools such as the file guide, to obtain the symmetry of the ricasso, such as the Jig on the plane to obtain the symmetrical bevel help a lot, but if the great makers work by hand on free tape it means that that is the starting point (I do not write about arrival) because it is from there that you start to “feel”.

Different speech is with regard to the creation of knives with the Cnc , true in the end it is always a knife, and even to use the CNC you need skills, but it’s a bit like DJing and playing guitar, it’s not the same music even if people dance and sing in both cases.

These simple tools have always been used and are increasingly fashionable and so why not use them to help you create a beautiful knife, with time you will decide what maker you want to be.

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