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Clip KnifeClip Knife in knives folders.

Clips Knife or Pocket Clips Knife are a restraint to carry knives folder or knives that can be safely closed and in an objective and convenient position for transport and that guarantees them during movement that it remains in the same position by holding the knife and also preventing it from accidentally losing it.

There are standard clips in different shapes, materials and sizes or custom to customize your favorite folding knives.

These pocket clips cover a wide range of models, materials and types of transport, and this post will analyze the most popular knife pocket clips and the benefits of each type.

The pocket clip is one of the important parts of your knife that integrates with the style of your knife while maintaining functionality.

An important function of the clip becomes fundamental if you use the knife for personal defense where the position must be well objected to be able to perform quick extractions under stress.

Clip Knife

Why the clip?

Spyderco was the first company to equip a folding knife with a pocket clip.

This revolutionary feature was introduced on our first folding knife model in 1981 and allows you to carry a folding knife at the top of the pocket where it is easily accessible and does not interfere with access to other items in your pocket.

This brilliantly simple idea inspired our entire LINE of CLIP-IT knives® and also helped define the shape of the modern folding knife.

Although it is now common on most folding knife brands, it all started with Spyderco.

Point up or point down?

Although it may seem like a personal preference there are actually practical reasons to carry a knife in your pocket closed with your tip up or tip down.

Here are some differences and why you should bring the tip of a closed knife up or down.

Point up:

It seems that top-to-toe transport has become the standard for the position of the pocket clip since many brands only offer their knives with a tipping option.

The support with the knife closed with the tip up allows easy access to the opening mechanism (thumb tone, hole, button, etc.) because it puts the knife in a more natural position for opening.

Point down:

Bottom-point transport is more ergonomic for very large knives to easily reach the opening mechanism with one hand.

For larger knives, you should tighten the knife to open it, then bring the tip of the knife down allows the knife to position itself in the hand more naturally when it comes out of the pocket.

The knife can then be rotated and opened.

Clip Knife

Types of clips

Regular Clip or Standard Clip or Metal Clip

Normal clips are traditional and functional.

Regular pocket clips provide easy access to the knife in your pocket as they help the knife stay a little higher out of your pocket.

They come in many different shapes, styles and materials, but all are designed to help you keep the knife safe in your pocket.

It is the most commonly used clip on lockable knives, they are metal clips can be made of stainless steel or titanium.

They vary in shape, size and finish to complete the design of specific knives.

They can be attached to the handle with screws or barrel bolts and can often be adjusted to provide multiple transport options.

Clip Knife

Deep Carry or Deep Pocket Clip

Deep Carry clips (Deep Carry or Deep Pocket Clip) hide the knife in your pocket well.

For many knife owners, the deep transport clip is how they want to keep the knife safe well deep in the pocket.

Deep transport clips allow knives to stay deeper into a person’s pocket, exposing the knife as little as possible.

If you want to make sure your knife doesn’t slip out of your pocket falling or getting lost or avoiding the knife from attracting unnecessary attention, a deep pocket clip from your pocket is your choice!

It is a knife clip designed to be mounted near the end of the handle so that very little of the knife remains exposed when hooked into your pocket.

Some versions of Deep Clip are even protruding a few millimeters from the handle to keep the knife hidden in your pocket and not attract too much attention.

It is one of my preferred solutions!

Clip Knife

Deep Carry Short (Mini Deep Carry)

Short and deep transport clips are less noticeable.

A deep, short transport clip offers the same convenience as a traditional deep transport clip, but in a much smaller package.

This solution allows even more concealment thanks to a low profile design and offer a small weight saving for those who are more attentive to the weight of their knives even if we talk about a few grams.

Short and deep transport clips are used on some top knives the Benchmade Bugout, and other brands, but they can also be purchased aftermarket and mounted on their own knives.

Clip Knife

Integral Pocket Clip

It is a pocket clip modeled as an integral part of the cheek of the handle instead of the component fixed with screws.

This style of clip was used on the first Spyderco models but has the problem that in case of breakage you have to replace more parts of the knife, I do not recommend it as a solution.

Clip Knife



Clip Milled

Milled clips are less prone to folding and are clips usually used to create more refined shapes and designs that you don’t usually have with classic pocket clips.

They are often made from more refined materials, not only steel but also titanium, carbon, etc., they are available in various colors or have a creative shape.

In essence, they work like any other pocket clip, but stand out for their individual shapes and designs.

One of the favorite milled pocket clips is chaves knives titanium skull clip but also versions with more classic but refined designs.

Clip Knife

Carabiner or Shackle Clip

Carabiners are great for carrying the knife on bags and equipment.

Not many knives come with a pocket clip with carabiner, but those that do tend to be more function-oriented than shape-oriented.

A carabiner provides a higher level of security for cases where a knife would be uncomfortable in a pocket or could fall or lose more easily.

With a carabiner clip, it is easy to attach the knife to a backpack or harness and keep it when needed.

For example, some models of Spyderco knives use the spring-loaded carabiner clip with a release hole placed near the Spyderco Round Hole that allows you to unhook and open the folder in one movement without the need to rotate the knife in your hand.

It attaches to a ring for fastening to a life jacket, splash guard, harness, flotation device or other carabiner.

It is not a solution that I like very much but suitable for very specific and particular uses where this solution is needed as for firefighters, etc.

Clip Knife

Wire Clip

A clip made with thermally treated wire and formed that is fixed with a screw or barrel bolt a barrel bolt.

Some wire clips are designed for deep pocket transport, while others place the knife higher and closer to the edge of the pocket.

It depends on the tastes and use for which the knife is intended.

As you can guess the longer the clip is, the more visible it is, as even if the clip is black, steel-colored, or colorful, depending on your clothing it can be more or less visible.

Wire clips are less threatening and simplistic.

Simplicity at its best, the wire pocket clip is “low profile” giving less in the eye looking almost like a clips, light and does its job.

For some, a knife is seemingly intrusive in their environment.

A pocket clip made of wire is relatively modest as it doesn’t look like “this is a pocket knife.”

The wire clip offers an easy solution to keep the knife safe in your pocket in a thinner way.

Clip Knife

Custom Clip

These are custom-made clips or with custom designs to give the knife as well as the function also an aesthetic trait that defines its maker or for a customer request.

There is to have fun with shapes and materials but without ever forgetting the robustness and reliability.

Clip Knife

How to fix a pocket clip that has folded losing its function?

Folding a clip causing it to lose the ability to hold or break it is not something difficult and if you use it daily it is something you know.

When it breaks you can’t do much to repair a broken pocket clip (apart from replacing it), but if it’s just folded there are a few methods you can try to use to restore fixing a folded pocket clip.

Try these 4 methods, from the simplest to the most effective:


Use your hands:

Fold it trying to bring it back to its position but this method can improve but it can’t give the best results and if you break the clip don’t write to me that you followed my advice it’s something you have to try to do but it needs to be done carefully.


Use a vice:

Remove the pocket clip from the knife, wrap it in cloth or soft rubber and put it in a vice and fold it into its original shape.

Repeat, it is important to put something soft (wood, cloth, etc.) around the pocket clip before putting it in the vice.


Mount it backwards on the knife:

Remove the clip from your pocket from your knife and mount it facing outwards (clearly now you shouldn’t be able to attach it to your pocket at this point).

Hold the knife and pocket clip firmly in your opposite hands and fold it into its original shape.

Remove the clip from your pocket and remount the clip from your pocket to its normal position.

This method is useful if you don’t have a vice or other locking tools just enough for you the screwdriveer and it is a method that has been tested several times and works well for most folded clips.


Clip replacement or upgrade:

If you have over-folded the clip from your pocket it is very likely to bend over again so sometimes it is better to replace the folded clip and replace it or look for a better quality one for your knife.

There are several sites that sell pocket aftermarket clips for the different types of folder knives of the most famous brands on the market.

Clip Knife


The clips are used almost exclusively on folder knives and are a fundamental method on these types of knife to have a safe transport, with a defined position of the knife and always have it ready to use.

In some applications, in addition to the clip, restraints are studied to allow the blade to be opened during extraction, but these are usually folders oriented to a use of personal defense where rapid blade extraction is required.

Today there is a wide choice of knife clips and you can find the perfect match for your pocket!

Whether it’s wire, traditional, deep transport or whatever, there’s the right clip for you and your knife and also the ability to create a custom clip for your knife and make it a custom one.

Aftermarket pocket clips are a common update for knife lovers.

Some of the best pocket clips are available and made for knives that use clips for spyderco, benchmade, and emerson knives.

Choose quality knife clips to keep your knife firmly in place and that when you pull it out you don’t tear off your jeans!

Are you experience?


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