Corby bolt

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Corby boltCorby bolt

The fixing system of the handle with Corby bolts is a very interesting system in the world of knife makers but not only.

It is a threaded pin with two diameters that allows a mechanical fixing of the cheeks which, however, must be glued and then the screw cuts on the pins are eliminated during the processing of the handle and the finished handle appears as if you have used simple pins but in reality you have made a mechanical tightening not only a planting as in the case of the pin.

Usually the internal diameter is 4 mm in diameter, and the external diameter is 6 mm in diameter, but there are also versions of 8 mm in external diameter although I think they are a bit large but it is a personal taste.

Corby bolt



As you can see the price for each piece is 3-4 euros, much or little is relative but compared to the pins it is a much higher cost.

Personally it is one of the systems that I prefer because it allows you to obtain an excellent level of centering and tightness of the handle that must still be glued but allows you to have a level of tightness of the handle higher than the simple pin.

If you make quality and valuable knives it is definitely not the cost of the corby bolt that affects your creation or even simply if you want to have a fixing system higher than the pin.

If you think about it, Bob Loveless himself had created the Loveless Pins because he wanted a more performing system than the simple pin that does its job but does not also guarantee the tightening of the cheeks of the handle that are entrusted only to the seal of the two-component glue.

Materials used:

Corby bolt

These corby bolts of the following image are custom versions handmade with a lathe by a gentleman who did me the courtesy, I did not have the key cut that I do before assembly but they are on the market and in the sites for makers.

Corby bolt

Mounting the corby bolt on the handle of the knife:

To mount this type of pin you need two drill bits with a diameter of 4.6 and 6.4 mm or a step drill with a diameter of 6/4 mm or a diameter of 8/4 mmCorby bolt


Corby boltThere are also other possibilities to make the two punctures but the important thing is to leave material for the support and pull of the pin and have a depth that allows you to avoid once the key cut is removed from not having to remove too much material because the risk is to see the thread and consequently you have to start over.

Below you will find a section where you see the schematized assembly of the corby bolt, the maximum length is 24 mm and not 29 mm but nothing changes it is just a version that I had done.Corby Bolt

Corby bolt

Corby bolt


Personally the corby bolt I find a very interesting fixing system of the handles that allows you to tighten the handle even more objectively than the pin and leaves an aesthetic finish of the handle as if it is a simple pin.

An added value that you can give to your creations.

Clearly it has a higher cost than a pin and requires a few more steps during processing but certainly allows a more efficient fixing of the handle cheeks.

I do not recommend using it without also using two-component glue for fixing the handle.

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