DIY Knife Maker Vise Project

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DIY Knife Maker Vise ProjectDIY Knife Maker Vise Project! or DIY Morsa as a knife maker,in short, call it what you want but it is a vice project created specifically to do knife maker work.

This is a bite for knife builders made DIY(Do It Yourself) or if you want Home Made to have in your workshop.

Having a knife vise has advantages over a traditional vice for its versatility especially in the phase of finishing the handle of the knife or taking care of some details in the finish.

The knife is blocked without the use of keys but knobs that can be operated manually and that guarantee sufficient locking during processing.

In addition, the base of the vice can be fixed to the counter or possibly through carpenter’s straits.

DIY Knife Maker Vise Project

If you need a larger base you can also enlarge the base.

It’s a simple project nothing incredible but I hope it can be useful for you to put it in your lab.

The inserted wood is used to lock the knife and not spoil the knife that must always be covered to protect the finishes you have performed.

It is a vice that blocks the knife but to do finishing work and therefore the tightening must be stable and strong but always consistent with the fact that it is the finish of the handle in particular.

Knife Maker Vise Project!

It is not a vice for hammering or carrying out heavy operations even if his work does it well.

If you do this project send me the photo because I am pleased to know that you have used the project.

I insert the photo of your knife maker vice in this post!

Knife Maker Vise Project

The Knife Maker Vise Project is in mm and I have provided you with a list of what you need, clearly it is a cue and you can modify the project to fit the material you have available.

You can also simplify some of its parts such as using only two tubes and putting a normal vertical plate to the tube as a base to lock it in your traditional workshop vice.

Knife Maker Vise Project

Or there are those who put a double block on the tube that contains the blade to have a more uniform pressure!

Evaluate if it is necessary for you, it also depends on the size of the knives you build.

This is also a good solution although consider that with this vice you need to do finishing work.

As well as assess the diameter of the pipe if it is enough for the knives you build!

You may need to have higher pipe diameters than the project.

Knife Maker Vise Project
Attention!! to insert this double lock you have to weld the nut after inserting the pipe.


It is a simple but very useful project to be able to perform finishing operations by placing the knife you are making in the most useful position.

Is it the best solution for a knife maker?

I don’t know but I know he does his job, he is useful and versatile and at a really low low cost price!

Many makers use this type of vice especially for the finishing of the handle because it allows you to rotate and place the knife in the most convenient position for various operations.

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Are you experience?


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