Documents to be integrated with the knife

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Documents to be integrated with the knife are necessary if you want to do it professionally.

The form in which you sell knives is not something to be overlooked and the packaging and documents to be supplemented when selling or giving a knife are details that are appreciated.

Selling a knife is not easy, ask many knife-goers and they will tell you how some of them manage easily to sell their knives and others instead of doing it with such effort, all regardless of the quality and beauty of the their blades.

But to sell them it is still necessary that you start adding a certain value to the knives by making a certificate of authenticity and a data sheet for each knife where its characteristics are explained.

These are small economic elements but they are worth a lot to a customer and are a small cost for you but important.

The idea is that it is important for you and your customer to bring a certain prestige and value to the product you have created.

I’ve made you sample generic documents that are good for many knife makers, you can keep them the same or edit them.

They are free and you find them in Italian and English but I hope you help me in the project by spreading this blog with its articles, commenting, etc.!
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The datasheet

It is a Word document that contains a table that contains details such as production date, serial number, steel type, handle data, etc.Documents to be integrated with the knife

The certificate of authenticity

It is a document written in Word that can be compiled and printed or in the form of a diploma or certificate (you can find it in shops or sites specializing in stationery) that certifies the authenticity of your knife.

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To this you can make you make a corporate seal to apply for about 50 Euros and with some gold foil seals with your name and your logo, but also an ink stamp or a wax logocan be fine.

Use your creativity, listen to your personality.

There are several sites also online that offer this service.

This is a great finishing touch for your craft product.
Documents to be integrated with the knife

One of these small desk seals with your name on it is a great certificate.

Documents to be integrated with the knife coltellimania.comBusiness cards are great to send along with your creations.

You can add:

  • Photos
  • Text
  • address of your website,
  • email or
  • whatever else you want.

I recommend Vista Print which for a “low” price provides you with a great service and often has promotions.Documents to be integrated with the knife

An example 100 business cards 15 euros shipped, but the more you increase the quantities and more savings.

Ps. By the way, they also make stickers for cars, banners, pens, coffee cups, etc.! This is if you want to promote yourself in your area.

Other items to include with your knives could be a knife care and maintenance card that lists some tips for keeping a knife in perfect shape or perhaps a basic guide to sharpening with recommended practices.

All in all, the package you send is more than a knife.

Often these simple attentions and final touches also bring back customers and their friends.

Are You Experience?


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