Drilling hardened steel

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Drilling hardened steelDrilling hardened steel should not be done but it can happen!

It can happen and it shouldn’t happen but if you notice that the knife you’ve hardened or is the blade has come back from the temper and it’s missing a hole, or you have to move it, or you want to add the perforated pin to the paracord, widen a hole to insert some mosaic pin,etc. what do you have to do?

In short, it may happen that you have to pierce a hardened blade.

Caspita that bothers above all to pierce the hardened steel of a steel that reaches a high hardness after hardening.

Sometimes it is a mistake but it is not always a wrong position or a forgetfulness but it can happen that some customers ask you for example on a finished knife or industrial customization such as adding for example the hole for the paracord, redo the handle, etc.

How do you drill an already hardened knife? To perform a hole or missing machining on a hardened steel?

One option is to use granite tips with widia plates, but remember to lubricate and keep cool the point where holes so as not to spoil and harden the cutting edge.

So it’s a puncture that you have to do slowly, cooling continuously!

Drilling the already hardened steel


One important thing to do before you bring the knife in a temper or harden it is to make a check that the holes are placed correctly and that they are all there.

An important tip for drilling hardened steel

My master knife maker has always told me that in the art of the knife speed and haste is not the way to finish a knife first,indeed, you do not have to be in a hurry and perform and finish all the operations of one stage before getting to the next one.

Do a part of the knife, then make some holes, say what I do after I now have to change tip, etc. not good.

If you now need to drill on the knife take the time you need, track the positions, punch, and perform all the punctures before doing the other operations.

You waste a lot more time picking up a knife on which you forgot to make a hole than to change tip while you are performing all the required punctures on your knife.

I learned this lesson well because I happened to have forgotten a hole, as if I had the wrong position because I wanted to hurry without tracing.

What about it! It’s angry, but it’s your fault! So always step by step, without haste! and away to pierce the hardened steel.


Needless to deny it but having to pierce a hardened blade is something that can happen not only for an error of distraction, an oversight or placement of a hole but also because a customer or friend ask you to add a hole for paracord on their knife or an aesthetic pin with a particular logo, etc.

Drilling hardened steel can be a requirement that in many cases does not have to force you to dilute the blade.

Building a knife also requires concentration when it comes to making simple punctures that are often underestimated but then you realize how much care you need when you have to mount the guards, when you mount a handle with its pins, or its screws, etc.

Each part of the knife has its importance and the sequence of construction is not the result of chance but of technique and experience.

Are You Experience?



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