ELMAX steel

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ELMAX steel

ELMAX steel

Steel produced by Bohler-Uddeholm, ELMAX is a third generation sintered powder steel (PM: Powder Metallurgy), with a high percentage of chromium, vanadium and molybdenum.

This composition allows the metal to acquire high wear resistance, high compressive resistance, superior oxidation resistance and excellent dimensional stability and ability to maintain its shape even after intensive use.

The PM process combined with the high concentration of chromium predisposes the Elmax to good sanding and excellent polishing.ELMAX steel

This process provides knives with the advantages of a higher wire sealing capacity and a decent ease of sharpening; often reasons why users are attracted to this type of cutlery steels.

The steel production process called “Superclean”, combined with fine powders and carbides, ensures easy grinding and polishing.

The hardness of the steel after hardening.

When hardened to 57-59 HRC,although this steel can actually reach 62 HRC, the knife already achieves good wire life as well as impact resistance not commonly found in other steels and excellent workability.

Therefore, an ELMAX knife can be used more intensively than knives made from other metals.

The seal of the knife wire made with steel after tempering.

On a Cutlery Allied Trades Research Association (CATRA) wire sealing test, when tested at high Rockwell hardness values, Uddeholm ELMAX scored higher than the other tested stainless steels, including the Aisi M4, Aisi 440C, Bohler M390 Superclean, and Uddenholm Vanadis 4, at a remarkable 62 HRC.

In its total cards cut (TCC) test, which measures the number of silicon-impregnated papers that a knife for each type of steel can cut, ELMAX scored a 930.7, higher than most other steels and second only to that of Bohler M390 Superclean (958.6).

What many like about this steel is that, in addition to being a higher quality stainless steel, it also has some appreciated qualities typical of high-carbon non-stainless alloys.

To understand carbon steel, unlike stainless steel, it is easier to sharpen and achieves excellent cutting capabilities but this steel has similar characteristics while being stainless.

Composition of steel:

1.7% Carbon, 18% Chromium, 0.3% Manganese, 1% Molybdenum, 0.8% Silicon, 3% Vanadio

Properties of steel :

    • High wear resistance (Less wear due to excellent resistance)
    • High compression resistance
    • Corrosion resistance(Reduced maintenance due to corrosion resistance)
    • Excellent dimensional stability (less shooting after heat treatment thanks to its excellent dimensional stability)
    • Good polishability


Average price of steel

A 5mmx50mmx350mm bar costs around €135 or a 5mmx50mmx700mm bar costs around €265

As you can see it is a steel that has a lot of impact on the price of the knife because it is expensive and is aimed at high-end knives and is a steel for experienced makers.


Uddeholm Elmax is a steel produced by powder metallurgy very good for the construction of knives that stands out for its excellent resistance to wear and corrosion and for its excellent dimensional stability.

This steel is recommended for the construction of high-end knives or on the request of knife maker customers and is also a steel that affects the final price of the knife.

Definitely a steel to use when you know what you’re doing.

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