The Arte nelle Lame exhibition

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The Arte delle Lame exhibition

The Arte nelle Lame exhibition is a display of knives that takes place in Rome.

Many artisans present.

On May 5th in Rome there will be an exhibition “Art in Blades” from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Organized by CAD Craft Knives Donati

Phone: 0639387355

The exhibition site will be in the hotel “Tra di noi” in Via di Monte del Gallo 113 Cap 10165 (Rome) Italy

The Arte nelle Lame exhibition

The list of participants in the Arte nelle Lame exhibition:

  • Massimo Lucchese ,
  • Simone Sicuro ,
  • Luciano Torri
  • Giuseppe Tencati,
  • Paolo Crystals,
  • Pasquale de Bartolomeo (boshi),
  • Ruslan Ilkiv,
  • Alessio D’Emilio,
  • Claudio Nucci,
  • Mario Mammozzetti,
  • Dario Trifelli,
  • Roberto de Marinis,
  • Marco Villella knives,
  • Titangrinder,
  • Leather and leather,
  • Alessandro Cosmai,
  • Andrea Roscioli,
  • Emmanuel Svaicari,
  • Emilio Pillai,
  • Enrico
  • Sulis
  • Raffaele Guida,
  • Clement E. Esposito,
  • Ivo Filippi,
  • Gennaro Hood,
  • Michele Colavecchio,
  • Giovanni Comotto,
  • Vincenzo Balistreri,
  • Jacopo Basilicata,
  • Stefano Domenicali,
  • Andrea Cazzari,
  • Michele Miliffi,
  • Livio Len,
  • Manuelmessori,
  • Gianfranco Danieli,
  • Daniel Lunesu,
  • Amos and Haris Lombardi,
  • Attilio Morotti,
  • Mirko Damanti,
  • Andrea Gallotta,
  • Gianmario Fogarizzu,
  • Lorenzo Mannelli,
  • Leonardo Scala,
  • Fabrizio Cesari,
  • Ettore Stella ,
  • Rinaldo Sedda,
  • Mauro Morich,
  • Piero Ricciardo,
  • Emmanuel Gerace,
  • Gianni Galasso,
  • Roberto Pinna Cuccagna,
  • Luciano Loi,
  • Paul Calaresu,
  • Gianni Satta,
  • Paolo Di Cesare,
  • Jean Garaboux,
  • Marco Knives Panella,
  • Giuseppe Pala,
  • Enrico Presciutti,
  • Simone Tonolli,
  • Vito Summa,
  • Lucio Pintore,
  • Luca Donati,
  • Enzo Zuccheri

Ps. There could be some variation.


An opportunity to see up close the works of many Italian makers and to get to know them in person and who knows how to start to make some purchases of custom knives.

Have a good visit!


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