Fake knives

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Fake knives

Fake knives.

Also in this sector are coming more and more reports of fake knives from different countries and that make reproductions of famous industrial and kitchen knives that are often expensive reselling them at really low cost prices .

In the world of cutlery there are many fakes in the world of knives, reproductions of famous knives if not even a real scam when they are sold as originals and instead are unauthorized copies and also made with poor materials and construction processes.

Often the first to notice it are the knife makers who are asked to sharpen and who immediately signal that the knife received is not original.

They are fake knives and they are FAKE knives!

This phenomenon is mainly aimed at famous brands in kitchen knives (e.g. Global) or military knives (e.g. Extrema Ratio, Fox, etc.).

Even in the world of blades there is the counterfeiting of the most famous brands.

Generally these fakes are easily found for sale on Eastern online stores but the phenomenon is also moving to more Western and less suspicious online portals.

Personally I noticed that these are clear fakes not only for the technical differences in construction and materials but “fortunately” they are sold at prices that are clearly 1:10 lower than the originals.

It is necessary to be careful to avoid running into real scams in the second-hand world with the risk of being scammed.

Clearly the big manufacturing companies on their sites have created sections to help the less experienced to recognize counterfeit products .

It is important that there is awareness that even in this sector the phenomenon of fakes is increasingly present.

PDF of the Extrema Ratio with details

Tips for not buying fake knives:

  1. The price – be wary of products sold at low prices compared to the value of the product;
  2. Observe very carefully every detail of the knife you want to buy by making a comparison with the photographs you find on the site of the manufacturer of the originals;
  3. Always ask the seller for the guarantee on the authenticity of the knife.
  4. Attention! It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish original products from fakes, because even the packaging, writings, logos, serial numbers and production sites are copied and the copies despite being usually produced in China have indications with the false “made in”.
  5. The phenomenon is widespread on famous brands so be careful before buying even used knives.


Fortunately, this is a phenomenon linked to very structured companies that have the legal means to impose themselves and some condemnations have been made in Italy.

To date there have been no counterfeit copies of handmade knives made by knife makers even for the type of market that is more linked to the niche than to the mass.

I hope that if you are a knife enthusiast you do not orient yourself to buying counterfeit knives just to have a photocopy model but not original.

A copy often, if not always, does not give you the same performance as the original knife going to damage the company economically and intellectually (research, design, etc.) that produces it and fueling a speculative market that could develop its products.

Even worse if they are sold to you as original knives when they are fake knives or if you want fake knives thus making a real scam against the consumer.

If you find counterfeit items report it to the manufacturer because your contribution to keep this sector “clean” is also important.

Finding these knives is not difficult but somehow you too can contribute by not buying blatantly fake knives.

Always respect your blade!



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