Fat Carbon Materials, composite carbon handles

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Fat Carbon Materials is one of the new fashions of the moment in the knife shop.

Carbon is already a material for a long time used in knife making for the construction of handles but in recent months the union of carbon with other materials to create new aesthetic motifs with the mecanic characteristics of carbon.

What are composite materials?

The most scientific explanation is:

“A composite material is a material consisting of two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with different characteristics from the individual components. The individual components remain separate and distinct within the finished structure, differentiating composites from blends and solid solutions.”

But in practice, this is just a material without limits in use, from its incredible mechanical properties to the exclusive appearance that lends itself to be used for many uses including the creation of knife handles but is also used in the creation pens, jewelry, musical instruments, etc.

The only limit is your imagination!


In materials science and technology, carbon fiber is a material that has a structure verythin, made of carbon, typically used in the realization of a wide variety of “composite materials”, so called as they consist of two or more materials, which in this case are carbon fibers and a so-called matrix, usually of resin (but can be in other plastic or metal material) whose function is to hold in “pose” the resistant fibers (to maintain the correct orientation in absorbing efforts), to protect the fibers and also to maintain the shape of the composite artifact.
For the realization of composite structures, the carbon fibers are first woven into real cloths made of carbon fabric and once put in place they are immersed in the matrix.
Among the characteristics of carbon fibre are thehigh mechanical strength, low density,low density, thermal insulation capacity, resistance to temperature changes to the effect of chemical agents, good fire-retardars properties. On the other, the carbon fibre composite material is not homogeneous and often has a marked anisotropy, that is, its mechanical characteristics have a privileged direction. The term Carbon fiber is often misused to refer to the composite material of which carbon fiber is a component.

Carbon Fiber “Toxic Storm”

Carbon Fiber “No Name”

Carbon Fiber “Lava Flow”

Carbon Fiber “Cross Cut”


Carbon Fiber “Mars Valley”

Carbon Fiber “White Storm”

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Carbon Fiber “Artic Storm”

Carbon Fiber “Jungle Camo”

Carbon Fiber “Jungle Wear”

Carbon Fiber “Snake Skin Copper”

Carbon Fiber “Copper Raindrop”

Carbon Fiber “Snake Skin Gold”

Carbon Fiber “Forged”

Carbon Fiber “Goden FCM”

Carbon Fiber “Side Cut”

Carbon Fiber “Raindrop Gold”

Carbon Fiber Composite

The creator of these material writes on the site:

“I’m really passionate about carbon fiber and other composites and I strive to offer the most outstanding materials to artists and manufacturers, creating exquisite objects around the world.”


Website: https://fatcarbonmaterials.com/


Increasingly, materials from different uses are being observed by careful knife makers who understand the mechanical and aesthetic potential associated with the knife.

It is about art, artistic expression for many makers and having the opportunity to play with materials and colors that adapt to the use on the knife is very important to create new and captivating aesthetic games.

Are you experience?


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This post is also available in: Italian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil)

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