Filework on the back for the polllice

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filework, how to use the file to fire the grip on the back of the knife
Image of filework during a work in progress!

Apart from the aesthetic filework such as S pattern or Vine pattern with more or less complex geometric patterns performed with files that embellish and embellish the blade there is a type of file work that is mainly done for the thumb to increase grip.

This type of processing increases the grip when you use the thumb in the pushing position and that makes this type of processing functional to the use of the knife as well as giving a technical aesthetic reason to the blade.

Also in this case it is an additional element on the knife such as the hole for the paracord that helps the user during the practical use of the blade.

Personally it is a type of processing that I really like because it still combines both functionality and aesthetics even if it clearly involves a further processing that sometimes is not very simple to achieve especially if you want to achieve a certain level of uniformity both when it concerns the width and depth of the file work.

The file for the filework

Filework on the back for the polllice

Filework on the back for the polllice coltellimania.comUsually to do this type of processing you use a file affixed that changes according to the step you want to get and depth and that easily allows you to get a great result.

The file from file work is usually found in 3 dimensions:

  • End (1)
  • Medium (0)
  • Large (00) – (which you see below in the photo)

The price is about 50/60 Euro per file.

If you need this type of file contact Rocco of RockBlade, click on the link and at the bottom you will find the contacts, the price I indicated is an average price.

My advice if you use it on fixed knives is to use the large one, on the closables are also fine medium or fine, it depends on the size of the blade.Filework on the back for the polllice

Filework on the back for the polllice

What is complicated is that when you want to build a file work for the thumb wider than the width of the file and something that often happens if it is a knife of at least 210 mm where in this case you need to make more parallel passes that can go from 2 to 3, depending on taste.

Now to avoid that you notice imperfections many makers use tricks going for example to recreate with round lines additional aesthetic elements that however go to break the continuity of the parallel lines the file work thus managing to eliminate the imperfections in this type of processing.

Filework on the back for the polllice

my advice is to exercise and try to do continuity without these aesthetic elements that I like anyway but more than anything else when they are wanted and not to mask a difficulty in a certain type of processing.

Filework on the back for the polllice

Now there is no limit to the imagination but personally I like to insert work files immediately after the guard but in some cases, when the handle is full shank, insert the file work in other technical points before mounting the cheeks.Filework on the back for the polllice


There are several methods to do the filework apart with the file, you can also do them with the limes but in my opinion at that point it is a matter of making an aesthetic file work.

This type of filework is to make a fast but functional support of the thumb (thump) on the knife.

Lime to do filework on the knife

They can also be made with limes but with different sizes and my advice is always to trace precisely before performing the work.

Remember that these processes affect the time of realization of the knife and the cost of realization.

You can create as you see the filework of the thumb even without the filework file but still we are talking about a different aesthetic effect, at a functional level it does not have the same answer but also goes to tastes.

Filework on the back for the polllice
Filework on the back for the polllice


I advise you to experiment with these processes and try to find your own style.

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