Fixed blade or folding blade?

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Fixed Blade vs. folding bladeFixed blade or folding blade?

When it comes to choosing between a fixed blade or a folding knife, the debate among knife enthusiasts begins and could last for hours, even months, indeed years.

The things that fans say about folding knives in favor of their choice are more or less always the same:

  • Folding knives are more discreet, easy to hide,
  • People don’t know you have a knife,
  • Folding knives are comfortable and can be easily carried in your pocket – hence the name “pocket knife”,
  • A well-built folding knife blade is as durable as a fixed blade,
  • et cetera.

These are more or less the basic arguments for folding knives.

I believe that the position or if you want to call it the premise of this topic of discussion is completely wrong.

The advantages of a fixed-blade knife

Perhaps because of the way they are depicted in so many movies,fixed knives have a reputation for being more “serious” knives but there is a bottom of truth.

Fixed Blade vs. folding bladeIn a way it’s true but that doesn’t mean they can be used in almost any environment.

The list of pros for a fixed blade is extensive.

Here are some:

  • They are sturdy and large. A fixed blade is made in any size, from a small handy blade to a large monster to the “Crocodile Dundee”. A feature that crosses all “sizes” is the strength of the blade.Fixed blade or folding blade?
  • They don’t break. There’s no moving part on a fixed knife.
  • They are easier to maintain. You don’t have to worry about the zipper and lubricate it like with a folding knife and the cleaning is simple and straightforward.
  • The length of the blade. Fixed blades are typically twice the length of the blade of a folding knife.
  • Superior tactical use. In general, fixed-blade knives can be put into play faster than a folding knife during tactical situations and by Self Defence, although here actually on the closeables there are now several solutions that make the extraction quick. Fixed Blade vs. folding blade
  • A superior “survival tool.” A fixed blade is more versatile to perform the many activities associated with so-called survival knives or bushcraft, such as:
    • to cut
    • to dig
    • Divide
    • First aid tool
    • Preparing food
    • Hunting weapon
    • Hammering (batoning)
    • Leverage tool
    • Etc.

Ps. Knowing these arguments, many companies have built folding knives with superior robustness characteristics such as the R.A.O. of the Extreme Ratio which has mechanical characteristics that allow it to be used in more extreme conditions.

Several tests and videos have been made circulating on YouTube but it is a choice that must always be linked to a specific and particular need.

The environment

While there are clearly advantages to having a fixed knife, most experts agree that the folding knife is a better choice for an urban setting,while the fixed blade is better for people performing outdoor survival/bushcraft activities or hunters.

Realizing this many companies and knife manufacturers have increased the models of so-called smart blades by producing knives with small fixed blades, easier to hide and use in an urban environment.

So even if you live in an urban environment, a fixed blade is still worthy of your consideration the next time you’re considering a new knife.

Fixed blade or folding blade?


Fixed blade vs. folding blade?

You have to rely on serious people and professionals when you want to consider buying a custom knife if you don’t want to risk taking something that you will eventually only keep in the drawer of the house unless that is your goal, a nice object in the form of knife.

There are few makers who offer a real wide choice of models and castomizations.

The custom knife beyond the work of art and collecting must be a knife aimed at the use of the destination of those who ask you.

It must be a knife for you, tailor-made for you and for the job you’re meant for.

I don’t like the custom knife culture just as a work of art because the knife must never become a model.


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