Gembloux Knife Fair 2022

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Gembloux Knife Fair

Gembloux Knife Fair of 12-13 November 2022

The annual knife exhibition in Gembloux , Belgium is the highlight of the year for BKS.

The Gembloux Knife Fair is considered one of the largest and most prestigious knife fairs in Europe, attracting visitors from all over the world.

It is an important event for knife collectors and manufacturers, as it provides them with a platform to showcase their work and interact with other enthusiasts.

2500 visitors will come to find out what the more than 170 exhibitors have to present to them, as every year.

The Gembloux Knife Fair, also known as the Gembloux Knife Show, is an annual event held in Gembloux, Belgium.

It is a gathering of knife enthusiasts, custom knife manufacturers and collectors from all over the world.

The event showcases a variety of knives, from custom handmade knives to production knives, as well as tools and accessories related to knife making.

The Gembloux Knife Show is usually held in March and is organized by the Belgian Knife Society.

The event also includes knife-making demonstrations, competitions and discussions on knife collecting, trading and maintenance.

It is a great opportunity for knife lovers and manufacturers to network, learn and share their passion for knives.

Over the years, the Gembloux Knife Show has become a reference point for knife enthusiasts and the Belgian Knife Society has been instrumental in organizing and promoting this event.

If you are interested in knives, cutlery, or simply want to experience a unique event, the Gembloux Knives Fair could be a great opportunity for you.

Gembloux Knife Fair 2022

What is the BKS (belgian knife society)

The BKS is a network of passionate fans of the craft of the knife maker.

From knife makers, to suppliers of raw materials and collectors with whom many objects end up.

All those who have been fascinated and interested in the knife are welcome at the BKS.

belgian Knife Society

History of the belgian knife society

BKS was founded in 1996 by René Bol, Jacques Delfosse, Richard Ghenne and Alain Lapierre.

The four friends had set themselves the goal of gathering as many people as possible around the handmade cutlery.

Almost 25 years later, the team behind BKS has changed, but the basic principles have remained the same.

The mission of the BKS is:

  • promote the exchange of knowledge,
  • record the history of knife art,
  • carry out surveys and promote knives to the general public.




It is one of the historic fairs for cutlery in Europe and has already reached its 21st edition.

I often like to do this type of informative post on fairs and cutlery exhibitions in order to make a small contribution to make known fairs and exhibitions on cutlery in Italy, Europe, the USA and the world in general.

There is always a need to make known and promote the custom knife to people who have this interest, make it discover to new people and also provide suggestions to makers to participate in these events as exhibitors or as an opportunity to meet other makers and see their works directly and not through a photo.

If you have the opportunity to visit the fair tell me about your experience and if you participate as a maker I hope it is a wonderful experience for you and that you have also sold some of your knives.

Are You Experience?


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