Hashtag knifeporn

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hashtag knifeporn


Hashtag knifeporn.

On social networks Twitter and Instagram but now also on YouTube and Facebook it is very common to find photos of knives bearing the hashtag #knifeporn.

But what does hustag #knifeporn mean?

The hashtag #knifeporn is formed by the English words “knife”, that is, “knife”, and “porn”, that is, “porn”.

As bizarre as the juxtaposition of the two terms is, I want to reassure you:

These are not knives that are forbidden to minors or have aphrodisiac power.

A hashtag is a type of metadata tag used on some web services and social networks as a thematic aggregator, its function is to make it easier for users to find messages about a specific theme or content.

The term hashtag can also refer to the pound sign itself, when used in the context of a hashtag.

The hashtag, in a service that supports it, can be created by a user by inserting the # pound character in front of a word or phrase of the main text of a message.

The word can be composed of letters, digits and underlines; spaces and special characters are not allowed.

Searching for a hashtag returns all messages that have been labeled with it.

Meaning of the hashtag #knifeporn

When you use the hashtag #knifeporn, you want to indicate that mass of users who continue undaunted to fill social networks with photos of their knives, any knife and without a real reason and meaning.

hashtag knifeporn

Whether it’s an industrial knife or a knife from a world-famous maker, an old knife, a crooked knife or a particularly spectacular one, the rule is only one:

to show that knife to anyone who’slooking.

But there is much better..

Hashtag #knifeporn #coltellimania

Function and use of the Hashtag

Hashtags are mainly used as tools to allow web users to more easily find a message related to a topic and participate in the discussion and also to encourage them to participate in the discussion on a topic by indicating it as interesting.

Basically they are hyperlinks that act as labels.

Messages on services such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+ can be labeled with the use of one or more hashtags, for example: “#stilografica is my #pennapreferita” or “great #concertorockroma tonight with #rollingstones”. In practice, phrases formed by combinations of hashtags are generated, even many in the case of complex sentences.

This way a person can search for the term “#stilografica” by simply clicking on the hashtag and the labeled word will appear in the search results.

Hashtags can also be used to post on internet pages (e.g. Instagram photos with hashtags “#milanofiera”); by creating a concatenation of specific terms you can precisely label an argument.

The syntax is to separate each hastag from the previous and the next with a space; they do not support punctuation marks that interrupt the hashtag: for example: “#roma #2015” is right, while “#roma#2015” is wrong[13].

In the language of social networks and microblogging, trends are the most popular hashtags at a certain time, after which, they are no longer displayed or traceable.

Hashtag knifeporn coltellimania.com


Even coltellimania has an instagram channel and even if I am not very social I still created the social page of the blog and I learned to use hashtags.

Before closing this post go to my instagram page and follow the coltellimania page.

If you have an instagram account you have to learn how to use them, it is not difficult indeed it is simple but it is important that you also evaluate strategies to make the images you place more visible beyond the relevance of the Hashtag in reference to photos and videos you publish.

Are You Experience?


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