How to store abrasive belts

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How to store abrasive belts

How to store abrasive belts!

How to store abrasive tapes.

The belts for the sander are elements that need to be intact to work properly and safely, as well as having a cost and to preserve them it is important to preserve them properly.

But how to store abrasive tapes?

In flexible abrasives the environmental conditions in which they are stored or in which they transit or are stationed even for short periods, such as in transport, are not to be underestimated.

You have to handle the abrasive tapes carefully because any small damage can affect its operation, even a small bump on the edge of an abrasive tape, can cause it to rupture and during use can cause the tape to break with damage to the operating machine and user injury.

Caution !! The tape can break

How to store abrasive belts

Temperatures and humidity to preserve abrasive ribbons

The temperature and relative humidity of the environment in which they are stored are also very important.

The humidity must be between a minimum of 40% and a maximum of 65%.

Different percentages can deform the product, causing the abrasive to detach from the support.

This is due to the fact that while the side of the abrasive is quite stable, thanks to modern adhesives that are quite stable and waterproof while the side of the support with moisture tends to stretch.

Irreversible damage to flexible abrasives can also be caused by direct exposure to sunlight, sensitive temperature changes and supporting them in direct contact with the floor and walls.

How to store abrasive belts

Follow these tips on how to store abrasive tapes:

  • Do not store them in areas exposed to the sun.
  • Keep them away from heat sources.
  • Store them at temperatures between 15 and 25 °C.
  • Store them in environments with relative humidity between 40% and 65%.
  • Take the abrasive tapes off the original packaging only when using them.
  • In the case where the environmental conditions of the place where they are used are very different from those of the place where they are stored, take them to the place of use at least 24 hours before their use.
  • In the event that an abrasive belt is removed from the sander before its total consumption, hang it on suitable supports in order to avoid creases and deformations.
  • Regular stock rotation is also important, even if kept in ideal conditions they deteriorate over time.


Properly store abrasive tapes in your knife maker lab.

One of the methods very used is to hang them.

Given the need to change the tapes often during the processing of the knife from the sander always correct.

Always check the integrity of the tape.

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