Social networks and knifemakers

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social networks

Social networks and knifemakers.

I’m not very social network as knife maker, I want to tell you not to put your hands forward but simply because I don’t want you to think it’s rude or anything.

They are very social though in person! but I participate little in social networks, I participate little in pages and groups of knives on Facebook, Instagram or other social networks.

I make this post because someone reading the blog wrote me and asked this question.

Clearly I have my Facebook page and my Instagram page of the project, as well as twitter, a whole series of social networks that have advised me to open.

Surely it is also to publish a systematic work that can help a maker to make himself known but it is also a job and a commitment but I believe that already the blog is challenging and somehow more useful not only for me.

If you have read the post knife maker full time you know that this (do not stay on social media) does not help if your intention is to make it a profession but “I fuck!”

There is also a practical reason, I have several commitments, one of which is important related to the project Expert Fighting Tips, and between lessons, activities, follow the blog, etc. this journey into the world of Knife Making is my way to relax in the “silence” of my laboratory, drawing, creating, etc. but always trying to do the best.

Over time probably these professions of mine will balance in a different way allowing me to devote time and resources more oriented to one than to the other but it is like everything of an evolution like everything.

My experience in knife fencing, in self-defense have an important influence in my creations creating a very important relationship on shapes, balances and grips going to create a very kinesthetic relationship for those who hold the blades, I try not to leave anything to chance trying to get an efficient and effective product.

Social networks and knifemakers

Hence the simple idea of telling this journey in a blog!

Now, however, as you can see despite hundreds of blog posts, we did not spam for example the pages on Facebook with the posts to make me known, because it is not my way, it is not my form.

I am before being a maker a fighter and I do not want to enter into controversy or sterile discussion first because I do not have time to devote to it and then because if you want to talk to me you have to do it as if you have me in front of you.

It is not arrogance but an often forgotten lifestyle, a message on social media does not have the same weight as talking to each other in person and most would probably be silent because I think that social media is a place where people create an imaginary character and because often social networks are a place of people happy in photos and sad in life.

social networks

Do I sum it up?

I read no posts in the knife groups and I often see chatter, groups that self-referto saying good to each other, superficial criticism, words that fly fucking under the fingers of a keyboard.

So this way and sterile social chatter are on my dick!

At least you should be careful to use the same way and language as if people were talking in front of each other!

To take me to me you have to come to the street and if you try me quiet that you find me but hard that you hear me arrive if “you have not been nice to me!”

social networks

I do not need self references, to look in the words of others the safety of what I do, you are in my journey, in my path.

It is clear that compliments are pleasing, but it is not the essence ofart even when it comes to knives.

If you like it pleases me, you have a tip, I’m pleased, you want to make a constructive criticism I like, do you want to break the dick?

You’re entering my circle so I can’t afford it!

You know, everyone has their own path, their own time to express themselves that must be respected!

Social networks and knifemakers

Respect me and respect the path of all the people who silently make their journey!

Don’t do anything to others that doesn’t please it!

I put myself on the line by making this page! I put myself on the line making my knives! although not his social networks very much and are not very social as knife maker!

Facebook knife logo

Phase two of the project

Phase two of the project will soon be told through the blog but will be much more dedicated to the realization of knife projects, processes, with specific focus of some processes.

Videos, images, projects, etc. related to specific knives.

I have already designed almost 100 knives, some of which are personal and others of famous international knife makers and brands to create real case studies necessary to understand the reason for many of the choices made.

As you see the sharing of information and this trip is free, the only thing you see are the advertising banners that allow me to support through your clicks on the banners the fixed costs of the project (I do not think that in 2022 it is now a secret) or if you like to make some donations.

Although I do not do it often, I will try to use social networks, but I will do it over time much more to build friendships with makers who share the passion with the spirit and philosophy of this trip, of this blog but not only!

Are you experience?


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Important! I still ask you for a little effort but for me it is useful for the project, click like on the Facebook Page and Instagram Channel.


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131 shares, 131 points
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