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JP bolt or connector knife makerThe handle fastening system with JP bolts or screw connectors is a very interesting system in the world of knife makers but not only.

It is a threaded pin that is used to screw two screws often technical or aesthetic that allow the mechanical fastening of the cheeks that should not be glued to allow the dismantling of the handle.

The screws can be brugola or to Torx or with a flat cut that can easily be unscrewed with simple tools or makeshift tools.

Often the screws are lowered or aesthetic screws, so with specific figures that are “drowned” in a cylindrical or flared bottom (depends on the screw) created on the handle or leaning on the handle plate in the simplest case.

If you go on the internet you find many aesthetic figures but that also require specific inserts to screw them and tighten the screw.

JP bolt or connector coltellimania.comHole size for jp bolt

Usually the inner diameter is 4.1 mm in diameter, and the diameter of the bottom when it is present depends on the type of screw, but there are also versions of 8/10 mm of external diameter although I think they are a bit large but it is a personal taste.

Important! The correct fitting is that the threaded stud internally or connector goes to take both the hole on the blade plate and the cheeks of the knife! With the assembly performed in this way the JP Bolt makes both as a positioning pin and tightening of the handle of the knife.

Ps. One variant is to use an externally threaded pin instead of the internally threaded pin and Tang Nuts

that are threaded pins as a screwing, more like Loveless Pins.

JP bolt or connector coltellimania.comJP bolt or connector

Or if the knife is a certain thickness, for example 6 mm you can thread the hole executed on the blade handle plate even if the grip on the thread is not much and you have to customize the length of the fasteners to have a proper tightening or stagger the positions between the left and right cheeks.

It is an economic solution but that can vary in baso to the type of screw but still economical.

As you can see the price for each piece is 2-4 euros, so much or little is relative but compared to simple pins it is a much higher cost.JP bolt or connector

Materials used for JP Bolts:

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Etc.
    JP bolt or connector knife maker













These fasteners are found on the market and in the maker sites but if you want with the right equipment you can also create them in your workshop as a maker.


Editing the JP Bolt:

To mount this type of mast you need a drill tip (if you do not make the bottom on the handle) or two drill tips if you make the bottom on the flared handle (you also need the tip to flare) or circular according to the type of screw you want to use.JP bolt or connector


There are also other possibilities to make the two punctures but the important thing is to leave material for the support and shooting of the screw sufficient and have a grip of the screw on the proper thread.

JP bolt or connector JP bolt or connector knife maker

Below you will find a section where you see the schematized assembly, there may be slight variants depending on the type of screw you choose but it is a general scheme.

JP bolt or connector

JP bolt or connector


Personally the JP bolt I find it a very interesting handle fastening system that allows you to tighten the handle in an even more objective way than the pin and leaves an aesthetic finish of the handle as if it is a simple pin but with the advantage over the Corby bolt or the Loveless Pin to be able to disassemble it and reassemble that on some types of knife can be very useful.

Precisely because the JP Bolt has the advantage of being able to disassemble the handle I recommend using it as a handle fastening system without using two-component glue.

Using the handle fastening system like the JP Bolt can be an added value that you can give to your creations.

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