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KeensTools |Keenstools is a new generation diamond sharpening stone, one of those alternatives to traditional sharpening stones .

Today’s post is to introduce you to a product with diamond grain for sharpening knives born in 2022 that I tested and that makes the speed of sharpening and wear resistance one of its strengths.

Having a sharp knife is a fundamental aspect to work safely and effectively with your blade, whether it is a kitchen knife that is used daily, a Survival/Bushcraft knife or a pocket EDC having a tool to sharpen quickly and effectively is very but very useful.

This product comes with a plastic support with very effective rubber feet that do not move the diamond sharpening stone minimally during the sharpening phase.

The stability of the stone is an aspect not to be overlooked when sharpening as well as the fact that this diamond sharpening stone is provided as well as support also of the 20° guide to maintain a constant angle of sharpening of the knife during the sharpening phase especially for those who begin to sharpen, which is no small thing because it is an accessory that is often sold separately.

KeensTools sharpening stone

It is also easy to rotate the stone to go from 600 grain to 1200 grain.

Inside the kit is also provided with a guide that explains how to sharpen the knives with this product that for its characteristic when you try the grain 600 you immediately realize the abrasive power much higher than the abrasive stone that clearly is always a valid product but for those who want to sharpen the knives without having to wet the stone and dirty the worktop less this is an excellent alternative.

Now if you have kitchen or pocket knives to sharpen, or you want to start sharpening stone but you have no experience and you want a functional and cheap product this is the product for you.

KeensTools 2

Innovation in the field of sharpening with Keens Tools:

  • 6X Sharpening speed,
  • 4X Wear resistance,
  • 99% less residue.

Keenstools diamond stone ensures you have a higher wear resistance than other water cots and an eight times faster sharpening speed.

KeensTools |With this type of product sharpen what you want.

This professional stone allows you to manually sharpen any type of knife, blades and scissors, also allowing the sharpening of
ceramic knives
It is often said that ceramic knives do not lose the thread, it is not so they simply do it more slowly but with this stone you can restore the thread even on ceramic knives.

Ceramic knives are very hard and therefore difficult to sharpen with household tools and that is why the belief that ceramic knives can not be sharpened, but thanks to the diamond grains of this stone you can sharpen ceramic knives like any other knife.

KeensTools |

You can sharpen whatever you want! Not only steel knives but also ceramic knives, chisels, scissors and much more.


The advantages of keenstools diamond stone

The diamond stone ensures you a higher wear resistance than other water cots and an eight times faster sharpening speed.

Unlike water stone, no preparation is necessary before use, you will no longer have to wait by immersing the stone in water for a few minutes or even find yourself cleaning the work area where you sharpened the knife because it is full of abrasive stone after sharpening.

Now it is not necessary to use oil or wet the stone with water to sharpen but you can still use them if you prefer because the diamond stone does not spoil.

Another very useful thing is that the stone is light and in these days that I have been in the mountains for a series of excursions I took it with me to be able to sharpen the knife that did an intensive job, it was an exit where many survival techniques were made and tested and where the knife was very stressed.

Having such a stone is much better than the classic sharpening pen that does not have the same yield and versatility, this stone also allows you to sharpen a hatchet, large knives, a machete, etc.

Where to find sharpening stone keenstools:

KeensTools sharpening stone coltellimania.comIf you are looking for this stone you can find it on Amazon for only € 24.99 + free shipping with Amazon Prime!

A professional sharpening at your fingertips! and if you don’t like it you have 30 days to return it for free.

KeensTools sharpening stone


You can buy diamond stone directly on the keenstools website or on this Amazon link.

The stone comes with a knife sharpening corner template and you can also carry it with you in your backpack when you go around camping or for some adventure in the mountains or woods.

Functional and effective, it allows you to sharpen knives quickly!

A great versatile product but clearly if you have high-end knives it is always better to use professional tools such as tormek or stones of the highest quality (and clearly also very expensive) that also require a certain skill to achieve a perfect sharpening without ruining very expensive blades.

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