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Knife associationsKnife association

This is a list of association of knives and knife corporations both Italian and foreign.

Knife associations and guilds play an important role in promoting and protecting the art of knife making, as well as preserving the traditions and cultural nuances associated with this art form.

It is good to see such a strong commitment to the preservation and promotion of this craft skill.

An association,in law, indicates an entity consisting of a set of individuals or legal entities (associates)linked by the pursuit of a common purpose that in this case is linked to the dissemination and protection of the art of knife making.

Each of these associations has its own oriented peculiarities and with the aim of safeguarding the artisan knife intended as an object of art but also with different cultural historical nuances.

Each of these has its own statute shall shall sit down and have a common passion for knife and blades.

It’s a way to maintain a tradition and be a collector among various makers.

Each maker can request to be part of these associations but with an important premise that is to demonstrate their ability to make a maker.

This is no small detail because the association is a guarantor of the fact that the makers that are part of it have a very high level of quality standards.

We are talking in some way about a certification and recognition as is the case with paintings for artists of painting.

Often the makers are part of several associations also to be able to participate in the exhibitions that each association does and that usually attracts many fans.

Knife association

Italian Associations

Italian Associations:

  1. Italian Knife Corporation (C.I.C): The C.I.C is an Italian association that represents professional cutlers and promotes the culture of handmade knives in Italy.
  2. Associazione Coltellinai Hobbisti Italiani (A.C.H.I): The A. C.H.I is dedicated to Italian hobbyist cutlers, offering support, resources and learning opportunities for knife enthusiasts.
  3. Italian Union of Cutlers (U.I.C): The U. I.C is an organization that brings together Italian cutlers and is committed to promoting the art of knife making in Italy.
  4. Cutlers Emiliano Romagnoli (C.E.R): This association is specifically dedicated to the cutlers of Emilia-Romagna, a region of Italy known for its tradition in the production of handmade knives.


Foreign Associations

Foreign Associations:

  1. American Bladesmiths Society (A.B.S): The A. B.S is one of the most prestigious associations for knife manufacturers in the United States. It promotes the art of knife forge and offers certification programs.
  2. Knifemakers Guild: This is an American association of professional knife manufacturers that is committed to promoting standards of excellence in the art of knife making.
  3. Canadian Knifemaker Guild (CKG): CKG is a Canadian association that brings together knife manufacturers and promotes the production of high-quality handmade knives in Canada.
  4. South Carolina Association of Knife Makers (SCAK): This association brings together knife manufacturers in South Carolina and offers opportunities to share expertise and knowledge.
  5. Professional Knifemaker Association (PKA): PKA is an association that represents professional knife manufacturers in the United States and offers resources to improve members’ skills and knowledge.
  6. Texas Knifemakers & Collectors Association (TKCA): This association is dedicated to knife makers and collectors in Texas, promoting the culture of handmade knives in the region.
  7. Custom Knife Collectors Association: This association is focused on collectors of personalized knives and offers networking opportunities and exchange of information among knife enthusiasts.

I hope this information will be useful to you to learn more about these associations dedicated to knife makers and knife manufacturers, both in Italy and abroad.

Knife association


If your intention is to make knives but also to seek recognition as a level maker, being part of an association is one of the ways but as I told you it is a path made by a commission that evaluates your creations also through paths Guided.

Many associations ask you to create specific knives in order to be able to evaluate your skills even on types of knives that are not your sorority.

It is true that many knife manufacturers’ associations require a rigorous evaluation process to obtain official recognition and a specific level of expertise.

These assessments can be made through expert committees that carefully examine your creations and your skill in making knives of different types.

Importantly, getting recognition from a respected association can greatly contribute to your credibility as a knife maker and can open doors for professional and sales opportunities.

If you are going to take this path, it is crucial to work hard to develop your skills and create a variety of high-quality knives.

In addition, participating in workshops and training courses offered by associations can help you further improve your skills and learn new techniques.

I will continue to keep this page updated with information on associations and evaluation paths for knife manufacturers, and if you have further questions or need more information, please feel free to ask.

If you have an association to report and add to this list write it in your comments!

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