Knife books and magazines

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Knife books and magazinesBooks and magazines of knives.

For all those who want to get closer to the world of knife building and are interested in help, I recommend these books and magazines in theindustry.

Even today’s top makers started by studying some if not all of these books and reading on Italian and American forums and reading italian industry magazines, Knives and “Author blades” and American magazines, such as “Blade” and of course asking some maker friend or for those who are luckier master in cutlery for example member of some association like the CIC.

Today you also have a great chance because thanks to social media such as facebook And Instagram where many makers post videos while working and you have the opportunity to write and ask questions about what they are doing or what you are doing maybe sending them photos and I must say that they are usually very helpful.

YouTube where there are many videos , etc. you have the opportunity to see many operations that are done to build a knife.

Also as I have already told you to have the opportunity to write and ask questions to top-notch makers is really a great opportunity and they are usually kind and helpful people.

Personally I have received as a gift a beautiful collection of coltelli magazine of the last 10 years and I buy magazines in the sector to see the skills of the great national and international makers.

This allows you to learn a lot!

Often people do not know the work that is behind the construction of a simple knife and in books you often have an idea of how these creations are made and the necessary skills.

Also if a maker is always nice to have in their personal library especially when every single title is clearly an example of quality work where even if you are a maker who knows a lot you can find interesting ideas.

Sure, this is an impressive series of books on knives, and it would complete the library of all knife enthusiasts!

But let’s go into detail to see some useful books to read and study!

Specific books for the construction of fixed blades

  • How to make knife – R.W. Loveless, R.W. BarneyKnife books and magazines
  • Knifemaking With Bob Loveless
  • Knife books and magazines
  • Step-by-step Knifemaking – David Boye
  • 50 knife shop – W. Goddard’sKnife books and magazines
  • Bladesmithing With Murray Carter
  • The Wonder Of Knifemaking, 2nd Edition with Wayne Goddard

If you are interested in knife production and started with the first two books you would already be much further ahead than those who start without having read them.

Specific books for the construction of lockable knives (folder)

  • The tactical folding knife – Bob Terzuola (tactical liner lock) Knife books and magazines
  • How to make folding knife – R. Lake, F. Centofante, W. Clay (how to make lock back knife)

Knife books and magazines

Knife books and magazines

If you’re looking for inspiration

And if after reading and making the knives of the masters you are now ready to draw and design your knives or just need inspiration you can read and see over 100 classic knife models, 101 Murray Carter knife designs.

Knife books and magazines

Books on sharpening

  • The razor edge books of sharpening – J. Juranitch

Knife books and magazines

Sharpening is a very important moment in the construction of the knife and that requires patience, constancy and skill to be able to achieve those incredible sharpenings that you will have seen in many videos.

For collectors

In addition to these educational books, if personalized or handmade knives are your passion, there are clearly knife magazines in the industry and then some titles that show collections of works by famous makers such as:

  • The 41st edition of the annual knives book, where every year there is an edition, a collection that will blow your mind with hundreds of color photographs, in-depth articles written by the best knife writers in the world and a complete list of custom knife manufacturers.Knife books and magazines
  • Steve Shackleford’s Spirit Of The Sword takes you on a journey from historic to modern swords and vice versa.
  • For knife collectors, you can’t go wrong with a book entirely dedicated to Case Knives, the world’s most collected brand made by a collector, expert and longtime investor in all Houses, Steve Pfeiffer.

Other useful books

  • Custom Knifemaking – T. McCreight (generic text, fixed blade and folder)
  • The craft of the Japanese sword – Leon and Hiroko Kapp (indications on the katana construction)
  • Living on the Edge – Weyer & Williams (the life and some of the works of Bob Loveless)
  • R.W. Loveless – Luigi Peppini (the Master Knifemaker seen with the eyes of a Friend/collector)
  • Stainless steel – G. Of Caprio, Hopli publisher (book in Italian language, on the heat treatments of martensistic stainless steels)
  • BLADE To Making Knives, 2nd Edition and you’re learning the art of knife making from knife makers like Don Fogg, John Lewis Jensen, Tim Zowada, Allen Elishewitz, Vince Evans, Rick Dunkerley and Kevin Hoffman.

Knife books and magazines


Instructional videos

  • Making a Sub-hilt Fighter – with S.R. Johnson – Manti, Utah Making a Sub-hilt Fighter - with S.R. Johnson - Manti, Utah

What to say.. if you’re a Bob Loveless fan this is a great opportunity to see how his direct student S.R. Johnson explains by showing how he creates Loveless’s famous Sub-Hilt.

Ps. I’ll update this list of books and videos periodically with what’s new! (June 2022)

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