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Knife magazines, magazines for knife enthusiasts and knife makers.

Publishing provides for fans of the sector a series of magazines and personally purchase three magazines which are Knives, Author Blades, Blade Magazine.

It is a choice linked to the fact that I am interested in knowing the news and trends and I also like to reward the commitment of those who spend time creating a niche magazine and who certainly need a contribution, even if small.

Like this blog that is available for free to share the passion for the realization of knives but that still requires commitment and investments not only of time.

Unfortunately with time all magazines are forced to insert a lot, too much advertising But it is one of the ways to support the project, as I do when you see advertising on the blog or through the review of products that I always do willingly and ethically, rather I avoid writing the post if the product does not meet my expectations and does not meet the quality of the blog and content.

For me it is an important aspect to provide correct information to have positive feedback both from curious knife enthusiasts and hobbyists and blade professionals.

These are the Italian and foreign magazines that I believe are a reference in the world of cutlery, if you have other suggestions regarding quality publishing on cutlery, write it in the comments.

Knife magazines

Italian knife magazines


Bimonthly magazine on cutlery, both artisanal and industrial, with presentations and product tests, reports from exhibitions and focus on the most important international knife makers.
Knives Magazine

Author blades

The most qualified Italian magazine dedicated to the field of artistic, sports, national and international collectible cutlery.
Knife magazines

Foreign Knife Magazines


The knife industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, covering every continent with the most beautiful and collectible knives ever made.

No other source has the experience and knowledge to bring you the topic so comprehensively and in a more entertaining way than BLADE® Magazine, the publication of knives n. 1 in the world. We are not number 1 at all!

Knife magazines


Tactical knives


Tactical Life Logo


Knives Illustrated


Knife magazines

Knifeworld magazine


Knifeworld magazine

The Passion des Couteaux


Knife magazines

Messer Magazin





If your interest is cutlery, knife magazines offer you interesting ideas to discover makers and observe the technical choices and trendy materials of the moment.

Often inside you will also find references for the most important exhibitions that are always an important moment to participate as a maker or even as a visitor to see closely the works of other enthusiasts and masters of this art.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to ask questions directly to level makers who are usually very helpful and happy to explain their art.

If you know other magazines or you are a popularizer write it in the comments!

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