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Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi PriceKnife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price (

This pair of books written by LeRoi Price is a work of great proportions that cannot be missing in the collection of technical books for knife makers.

Meanwhile I have to thank the author for the gift and therefore it seems to me the least to tell about these fantastic books.

The discovery of this pair of books began when I decided to start trying to build folding knives and then like many knife enthusiasts I started looking for information and technical notions on the mechanisms and workings of folding knives.

Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi PriceSo I bought some knives with mechanisms that interested me and intrigued me to disassemble, some to use to make cad models with the drawings of my knives And while I was looking for information and notions about the mechanisms of operation of folding knives, I came across these books and so I wrote to its author to understand more about the content.

Fantastic, because until that moment the way I had used was to look in the registered patents for mechanisms and between continuous searches on the web, which often led only to fragmentary and often even partial information of some closing systems.

But it was not enough for me and I realized this also thanks to maker friends who build closable and that thanks to their availability have provided me with very important technical information on the Linek Lock closing system and on which I built a very detailed pantry on important technical construction details but I wanted to understand even more.

So when I discovered these books I said I can’t believe that there is such a detailed book on this subject and so in-depth and full of technical drawings, anecdotes and details.

I couldn’t help but write to the author to thank him!

I really say this because when a person engages with this professionalism, and with such a lot of work at a derisory price compared to the time you should spend to find information online on this topic.

Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price is a book aimed at all those who want to understand more deeply the mechanics of knives, from collectors, to knives, to simple enthusiasts.

The books are written clearly with details explained through patterns and images but at the same time in an informal and fun way, as if a friend is explaining to you.

The aim that the author has set himself is to transmit high quality information but within everyone’s reach, with a witty, simple and colloquial approach.

LeRoi Price has succeeded perfectly in his intent, interweaving the analysis of the various mechanisms of knives, and inserting stories and anecdotes about the different systems and providing valuable advice aimed at the most inexperienced.

The topics covered in LeRoi Price’s Knife Mechanisms books explain in detail from the simplest clutch-closeable to the most complex automatic opening systems, explaining the widely used systems such as the liner-lock, pinball, slip joint, lock-back, the Tri-Ad Lock TM by Cold Steel, assisted opening, etc. really an incredible work.

For each type of mechanism, all variants are analyzed even the least common ones, indicating the advantages and disadvantages of the system, the very interesting detail about the patents and designers who designed and built the mechanisms.

I’m talking about patents because it’s one of the ways I used before I discovered these two books to find patterns and information about some knife opening and closing systems.

Knife Mechanisms: Just for the fun of it! by LeRoi Price Vol.1

Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price

Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price Vol.1 from the opening SNAP! .. at the closing CLICK!

This is a guided tour through the inner parts of the folding knives.
  • how they work.
  • what makes them work.
  • and what makes them click.
  • the mystery inside the knives
  • mechanics and physics
  • from the strong to the strange
  • information on which to buy, collect or use
  • Etc.

The author says:

Collecting knives because they look clean is fine. And there are many books of knives full of beautiful pictures. Those are like a beauty pageant. This book is like a strip show. The mystery within it is revealed! A coffee table book, this one certainly isn’t. There are many images, but these drawings and photos provide a view of the mechanisms. There are descriptions of how they work. And usually discussions about mechanical positive points, negative points. And sometimes some physics, history and some knife BS in general. I collected some tips from inventors and knives to make it more fun.

I try to explain these mechanisms sufficiently clearly so that the function is understood the first time. But on the difficult ones I usually give a summary from a different perspective, I use all the necessary illustrations. It’s a funny book, but this stuff can get technical, and it can! become difficult. But even this can be fun!

This book is aimed at the collector. You don’t have to be a sophisticated collector. But at the end of the book, you probably will be. And a better collector. Because you’re going to have more fun.

My teaching style is informal. Just colloquial, like we’re engaged in knife talk. Sometimes, I teach. But mostly I’m just trying to communicate. There is little concern about formality. I didn’t want a “dry” book or textbook. I try a bit of humor, I insert some stories, I add a bit of biography about some knife designers and knife manufacturers. And yet I’m not going to punch any punches on the mechanisms. I have not ruled out anyone who is complicated or flew over or briefly changed the explanations. Like the book or not, that’s the only thing I did my best to make it happen. I hope you feel like I didn’t disappoint.

Finally, I am sorry to say that not all known knife mechanisms have been included in this book. This was certainly impossible. But you’re going to find a load of boats in here. There are some pretty exotic mechanisms to discover. Unfortunately, some of the municipalities also lost their boat. You won’t find line locks or frontal automatisms and a few others. Those, we’re planning a next edition. I just wrote spontaneously and from my heart. I expect you’il learn something about knife mechanisms. Just for the sake of it!



  • Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price Book
    Knife Mechanisms just for the fun of it! (Price)
  • Pages: 272 Pages, Diagrams and Photos
  • Size: (28cm x 23cm)
  • Price: $40.00
  • Author: LeRoi Price


A preview of the book.. they don’t all read why and the passion that this author put into making these books.

I wrote this book for many reasons, but especially for something we can all have fun with. I’ve always been curious about how folding knives work. But it was too tiring to find out how they work. This curiosity became intense when I tried to make a folding knife. There was little information out there or it was hard to get. A lot of people were looking for an all-inclusive book, but there wasn’t any. And now I know why. There is a lot of work in compiling a book on knife mechanisms. I had more fun. I put in a lot of knives to make it fun and their stories and stories to make it even more fun. Yes, the content can become technical. The explanations can be complicated and a bit of reading and rereading necessary to grasp the concepts. But when you learn how a mechanism that has always made you think, it’s like getting out of a gloomy swamp in a sunny field. And this, for a knife collector, is fun! Actually, the more complicated it is, the better. Let us not avoid anything complicated. But I’m going to slowly walk through all the mechanisms and tell their story from different angles. The explanations are informal. Just talk about a knife. I think most people with mechanical aptitude can understand what’s going on. Yet it is likely that someone believes that there has been an attempt to enter too much or too little information. I understand. So I want to offer everyone a free sample first. This is a PDF download that anyone can read on their computer. Try it first. This part of the book is free to be shared and will give an idea of what the main book is like. Hundreds of illustrations and images. This is most of the ASSISTED OPENING CHAPTER (still with some typos since it had not yet been revised back then) and what I would consider probably the best chapter. This book is not all inclusive, but there are also many other things in the book. Thanks for watching. (See “Learn more” about international orders.)

LeRoi Price


Knife Mechanisms: Volume Two – First Edition – (L. Price)
Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price

This book delves into the composition of the mechanisms of knives and their operation.

From clutch locking systems to jackknoses, LeRoi focuses on a wide range of popular mechanisms used on knives.

It includes many illustrations and photos to improve the in-depth explanations and landmarks of the different mechanisms.

Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price

The book also includes the knife manufacturer and knife design biographies and offers many personal stories to provide more information in addition to the operation of knives.

The added benefit of Price’s writing style is that it’s colloquial, making it look like the information is being told to you personally.

This fantastic guide is perfect for those who are looking to expand their knowledge of knife design and how locking mechanisms work.


    • Pages: 394
    • Dimensions: (28cm x 23cm)
    • Price: $49.95
    • Author: LeRoi Price

Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price

Where to find the book

The reference site of the Books Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price Vol. 1 and Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price Vol.2 are in English.

Where to buy it:

Shipping to Italy from the United States has a cost that affects in this case because it is about 55-60 € .

Give a nice birthday or party gift or give a gift just to improve your knowledge about knife building!

You can also find books on American specialist knife maker sites!


Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price Vol. 1 and Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price Vol.2 is a pair of books that can absolutely not be missing in the library of a fan of close-up knives but knives in general!

Especially if your interest is the construction of close-up knives these two books cannot be missing in your library.

Knife Mechanisms by LeRoi Price is so rich in technical and useful details, that it can be read over and over again, learning something new every time!

There are many topics covered in these two volumes and for this reason my advice is to take both volumes because by the admission of LeRoi Price himself it was impossible to insert all the mechanisms in a single book!

Are you experience?


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