Knife gloves and hand protection

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Knife gloves and hand protectionKnife gloves and hand protection.

Hand protection is something fundamental considering you work with your hands.

That’s why when you work you have to use gloves.

Remember that prevention and safety is a fundamental aspect that you must never neglect and hand protection is one of them.

If you look at many makers of the call it old school you will see that they have very marked hands with important and stained calluses derived from hours of sanding machine, abrasive paper, contact with glues, etc. it is almost a distinctive sign but today there is much more attention to keep the hands cleaner, for the calluses I do not promise you anything because the work “marks” you but surely they will look better but apart from the aesthetics the important thing is to work comfortably but safely.

Essentially you need 4 types of knife gloves for:

  • the sander
  • picking the bar in the hardening phases
  • mounting
  • disposable latex

Gloves for the sander

These are workshop gloves with rubber grip parts to have a good grip on the blade during sanding processing or column drill punctures.

Many are also made on the index finger and thumb of the belt turns or leather tips to be able to stay on the blade even when it begins to heat up too much for contact with the abrasive belt.

Knife gloves and hand protection

Personally I prefer the first because lighter to use but even these below are gloves that protect, this type I use when I perform the cutting phase of the steel bar with the flexible.Knife maker gloves and hand protection

Hardening gloves

It is the fireproof gloves from thick and far-reaching welder that go to cover the forearms and serve every time you have to manipulate with the appropriate pliers the steel blade that comes out glowing from the hardening oven.

They are gloves that are resistant to high temperatures of up to 650 degrees Celsius or 700 degrees Celsius to protect the operator when loading and extracting the blade from the tempering oven.

Hand protection but not only at this stage is imperative.

I know that you can see many videos of knife makers extracting the blades from the hardening ovens with workshop gloves, if not even without, using simple pliers to extract the bar from the oven but it is always recommended to work safely because it is important to preserve yourself.

Avoiding a bad sunburn because you were wearing gloves is one of those things that makes you say “it was important at that time to have worn gloves!”.

Knife maker gloves and hand protection

Assembly gloves

They are lightweight cotton gloves that are useful for not scratching or marking the polished or satin knife and leaving footprints during the different stages of assembly and handling of the blade.

Especially when you get to certain levels of finish such as mirror polishing but not only, avoiding leaving imprints and marks on the blade or handle is important especially while performing different assemblies and disassemblies as on folding knives, therefore it is important to wear gloves.

Knife maker gloves and hand protection


Disposable latex gloves:

You need them in different operations, such as when you glue with two-component resins, when you smear some light finishing abrasive cream, when you use solvents, when you are cleaning the finished knife with a cloth and do not want to leave the impressions, etc.

Disposable latex gloves are very useful for keeping your hands clean in many operations and not coming into contact with chemicals.

Today there are in different colors, from classic white, blue, purple, black, choose a color that helps you to have a good chromatic “contrast” with your environment and with the knife.

Knife gloves and hand protection


You need knife gloves and you have to use them and even if they seem uncomfortable at first you have to get used to them.

Now on the market there are all the prices and different quality , look for the most comfortable and suitable ones for you but wear them.

You will also be grateful wives/girlfriends/lovers who will not have your hands like a rasp!

Ops! it is true that today there are also many girls makers!

Do you use gloves? Comment below and share,

Save your hands! and use knife gloves.

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