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knifeprintKnifeprint is a service that allows you through an online knife design software and also the laser cutting service of the shape with a series of steels that make available and all sent home after accepting and paying the quote.

Even in cutlery we have gone from the sheet of paper that is always valid to the most sophisticated 3D CAD that I use personally up to online platforms.

The design of the knife always remains a fundamental phase and it is also for this reason that some knife knives have thought of creating this specific software to draw your knife.

Knifeprint is a platform for knife knives, created by knife-knives.

Whether you’re a professional knife knife or a beginner, the Knifeprint Editor provides the tools and resources to hone your craft by helping you automate the design and cutting of your knife.

Design knives with CAD precision and accuracy with Knifeprint Editor.

With this application you can draw from hunting knives to chef and bowie knives, the CAD-like editor is your complete web application to design and cut your knife projects.

You can start from scratch or a predefined template that you can use as a starting point for your knife project and then review it with modifications that reflect your style and craftsmanship.

Knifeprint is easy to learn and use because, unlike other CAD software, Knifeprint Editor was created specifically for knife design.

Since this is a web-based application, you don’t need to install any software and all your projects are saved automatically.

Knifeprint , design your knife

Private and public projects

Knifeprint is the first cloud CAD service specifically for knife design.

This means that your projects are stored as CAD files in the cloud (online).

These files are called Projects. Find out more

Public projects can be created using the free Knifeprint plan, great for hobbyists, manufacturers, and open source designers who want to design knives with a powerful CAD system at no cost.

Public projects allow Knifeprint users to share their work with each other and draw inspiration from new designs.

You can view and copy these projects.

You can also appreciate them just as you would on social media.

Private projects are ideal for commercial purposes.

With the Knifeprint Pro plan you can save unlimited private projects that only you can view and/or edit.

See all public projects.

To do some tests with limited functionality the software is free while if you want the full version and access private projects you have to pay an annual subscription of about € 55 or a single subscription that is worth forever € 230

Knifeprint and the Laser Cutting Service

Laser cutters use 2D vector files.

Using our easy-to-learn Knifeprint editor you can create laser-ready 2D knife designs.

Through the laser cutting service you can cut your projects with our state-of-the-art high-precision industrial laser cutters, as easily as you would print them on a piece of paper using a regular printer.

Laser Cutting Knifeprint

The selection of premium steels

  • 440C – US High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • 1095 – US high carbon steel
  • 80CrV2 – High carbon steel worldwide
  • 80CrV2 – US High Carbon Steel
  • ST37-2 – World Mild Steel
  • ST37-2 – Us mild steel
  • 12C27 – World Stainless Steel
  • Elmax – Stainless steel worldwide
  • UHB20C – Tool steel worldwide
  • D2 – US tool steel
  • O1 – US tool steel
  • O1 – Tool steel worldwide
  • D2 – Tool steel worldwide

Knife impression cutting Save time and start your projects with the best steels.

Laser cutting technology

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut a 2D drawing into a physical object from a wide range of materials.

Laser cutting is ideal for knife production because it is economical and offers exceptional accuracy and precision without compromising quality.

Knife manufacturers and knife manufacturers use it to cut blanks and knife parts from steel sheets.

Laser Cutting Knifeprint 2


Knifeprint Logo


Like everything it is a service that can be useful for those who start or want to try to make a knife for the first time and do not have many tools available.

This is a possibility that also allows you to have a steel blade chosen by you from those available and already contoured on which you have to make the beveling and hardening the blade, etc.

The service is paid but consider whether it is a tool that can be useful to you.

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