Knives in cinema

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Knives in cinema

Knives in the cinema have always been present.

Anyone who loves knives can probably name a movie or two with a knife they liked, or one of the best knife scenes they’ll never forget.

So I want to show you a list of movies to see if you remember these blades beyond the movie.

Each maker has some reference knife or knife maker models that inspire shall inspire or inspire him.

Of course it’s not all the movies made where a knife appears but these are some of the first movies we think about when we think about knife movies.

Throughout history knives in cinema have played a special role in the existence of man and could certainly not be missing even in cinema.

From those first blades from the bush (see the photo below from the film The Hunted) to more modern EDC knives, and then also present in entertainment, film, cooking, etc., we are surrounded by knives.

Knives in cinema

Humanity has used knives for everything from slicing bread to self-defense, to medical uses and all the intermediate points.

Like many young people, I felt the desire to have a knife from the moment I was given my first pocket knife, and even the next day, immediately looking for high models to have, to adventures in the woods, to the study of Filipino martial arts and short fencing, beyond the others (see the blog,to the passion of designing and building bespoke blades and reproductions of knives more or less famous.

Each of us has the memory of a knife tied to a movie and below I want to remind you of some films that have helped to make famous some models of knife and some makers who maybe remained in the shadows despite everyone remembering his knife used in the Movie.

So, here’s a list of knives and series with knives.

Movies with scenes with knives

“Crocodile Dundee” 1986
Knives in cinema

In this film starring actor Paul Hogan in the famous Crocodile Dundee film where a man living in the Australian outback arrives in New York City finding himself like a fish out of water.

But one of the things he carries is his fixed-blade hunting knife (sometimes referred to as a Bowie knife, but he’s one of those a little bigger than usual).

I’m sure you remember the phrase “That’s not a knife. This is a knife! ”

When a man tries to assault him in the big city with a knife, Dundee calmly replies: “That’s not a knife.” The man pulls out his own blade. “That’s a knife.”

Needless to say, the would-be robber runs away.

Who couldn’t resist a big smile when watching him hold that big Bowie-style knife.

Interesting scene in the film that today many animal activists would not share but it was survival in which he also uses the knife to save the girl and fight with a crocodile that attacked.

The actual knife was created by John Bowring, also for the film.

Paul Hogan is said to have been given the original with the promise of never selling it.

Very large Bowie knives became even more popular after the film.

Fans also made sure that the knife was used in the sequel with such a large following.

“Under Siege” 1992

Knives in cinema coltellimania.comHow many films are characterized by a battle involving a knife fight?

This happens in this film, where the good guy (Steven Siegel) confronts the villain (Tommy Lee Jones) in a short but intense knife fight.

I don’t tell you who wins if you’ve never seen the movie, but you can probably guess.

“Gangs of New York” 2002

Knives in cinema

Bill ” the butcher “Cutting, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, who plays the part of an eccentric and crazy character who controls the city.

A series of intense scenes in the film with many clashes with knives.

But he’s also fantastic with a throwing knife, as evidenced in a scene where he throws knives at his previous assistance (played by Cameron Diaz) as part of a stage show.

Night Slasher Knife in “Cobra” 1986

Knives in cinema coltellimania.comAnother knife made famous by the movie Cobra with Sylvester Stallone.

While both Stallone and the villain wear blades, it was the menacing and eerie-looking design and style brought by the “Night Slasher” starring Brian Thompson that made you shudder.

The Original Knife was made by Knifemaker Herman Schnider, but reproductions are still to be found in gun shows and flea markets.

Or rely on a maker to make a play.


Macgyver Victorinox Knife

Knives in cinema coltellimania.comNo list of movies or TV shows would be complete without mentioning a show that showed a knife use at each episode.

Knives may not be as flashy as others, but Macgyver has found use of them.

His go to instrument, was usually a version of the famous “Swiss Knife”.

The Victorinox brand has been used mainly, but Wenger’s versions have also appeared on screen.

Victorinox’s “Tinker” model is the most used in the world.

Fans of the show and the “Swiss Army Knife” but know how big these knives are … and I imagine how many they bought and gave away but who knew you could defuse a bomb with a Victorinox?



Knives in cinema coltellimania.comIt’s not exactly a positive portrait of a knife, but it’s hard to make a list of knives in the movies without mentioning the shower scene of this horror classic, directed by Alfred Hitchcock.


“V For Vendetta” 2006

Knives in cinema

In this adaptation of the famous graphic novel, a masked vigilante mocks some wrongs in a future London.

And he’s entitled to some of those wrongs through the use of knives that he uses skillfully in different scenes of the film.

The masked son of the revolution known only as V can attack him to the totalitarian system in many ways, not least the way the knife is used!

Those who challenge the gentleman in Guy Fawkes’ mask will soon savor the bitter death pill… or, in Natalie Portman’s case, at least they shave their heads.

The brief but deadly knife scene in “V For Vendetta” is part of the entire film “What’s the Real V?” – confusion and deception only increase the dagger of the piercing blade.


“The Lord of the Rings” 2001

Knives in cinema coltellimania.comIn these fantasy films, based on the novels of J.R.R. Tolkien, a band of warriors attempts to bring a magic ring back to the spot where it was forged so they can destroy it.

And among the band members is Legolas, a warrior so beautiful that the only weapons he needs are a long bow and a set of building knives with steel blades and carved oak handles.

Many bad guys learn to respect them the hard way.

But there are many drawings of swords and knives of different shapes and sizes in the film.


“Rambo: First Blood”

Knives in cinema

In this iconic film about a Vietnam veteran named Rambo, a survival knife plays an important role in the film.

He always has it with him and shows he knows how to use it … whether it’s hunting or defending.

In fact, in a scene where he runs away the only thing he takes with himself running away is the knife that is central to this line.

One of my favorite cinematic knives of all time, which started a trend in itself, was John Rambo’s knife in First Blood.

Shortly after the movie hit the big screen, half of the teenage boys in America had a large survival knife, and Rambo’s was really included in the collection.

The actual knife was created for the film, custom-made by BladeSmith Jimmy Lile.

Congratulations to those who decided in these years for the film to use a real knife instead of something fake and cinematic.


“Commando” (1985)

Knives in cinema coltellimania.comThe struggle of this 1980s action classic is an icon of cinema for many.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has never been fitter, takes on the slimy and vaguely affixed Vernon Wells, who makes a rather bizarre face when Arnold first presents the idea of turning their firefight into a duel: “Put the knife inside me! ”

Alyssa Milano watches as these two go with the blades until Wells realizes that she is actually trying to confront Arnold Schwarzenegger with his bare hands and grabs a Uzi.

“I’m not going to shoot you in the eye, John — I’ll shoot you in the balls!” Sheesh.


“Rambo 4”

Knives in cinema Gil Hibben Machete Knife.

In October 2006, Sylvester Stallone contacted Gil Hibben about the creation of a new knife for the upcoming film “Rambo” to be released in early 2008.

Gil invented several design prototypes in the following months.

Knives in cinema coltellimania.comThe studio wanted a crude-looking knife because, according to the script, Rambo would forge his knife in a primitive foundry using materials that could be excavated.

The result was a large machete-style knife with a rope-wrapped handle covered in duct tape.

Once again Sylvester Stallone invited Gil to make a knife for the next movie “Rambo” coming out in 2008.

In the film’s script, Rambo loses his famous knife from the previous film and must quickly forging a new knife from the materials he has at his disposal (a piece of steel for springs).

Gil began the design process in October 2006.

Knives in cinema coltellimania.comStallone had an idea of what he wanted the knife to be.

Gil made at least 5 prototype versions of the knife before they finally got to the design that will be used in the film.

Gil made the first prototypes from pieces of old truck crossbows to be authentic and faithful to the film’s script.

It is hard to believe how much time and effort have been made to develop this knife.

Over the course of a year, Gil made nearly two dozen handmade prototypes before they got exactly the knife Stallone wanted for the film.

Knives in cinema coltellimania.comAnd then when they finally got the final version, the studio needed more copies for filming.

Gil began by making a knife reminiscent of the knife he had made for the film “Rambo III”.

Stallone liked the design of the blade but said it was too perfect.

He wanted something much rougher, as if he had been quickly extracted from the limited resources available.

Gil returned to the drawing board.

Since they agreed on the basic design of the blade, now it was the handle and the finish of the knife.

Gil thought about what materials might be available for the character in the film.

He considered the leather, wood, paracord, tape and even seatbelt straps to use on the handle.

He decided that paracord was the practical choice.

According to the script, Rambo loses his previous knife (also designed and made by Gil) and must forage the new quickly.

Without the time or resources to create a new sheath, cut the end of its old lining to make room for the wider blade.

A “clean” prototype of the movie knife

Knives in cinema coltellimania.comThey were approaching but Stallone said the knife had yet to “finish.” Stallone said, “the knife must be brutal.”

Eventually Gil decided that, considering Rambo’s skills and experience and the materials the character would have at his disposal, the knife would have a handle wrapped in rope, perhaps covered with duct tape for additional adherence.

The blade would be marked with the depressions of hammer blows to be forged quickly without time or resources to put a fine finish on the blade.

Following the tradition of Rambo knives, it would be a large heavy blade with a thick spine.

Here’s the final product we’ll see in the movie.

Knives in cinema coltellimania.comThis is one of the knives Gil sent to the movie studio.

Since, in the film, Rambo would modify his 20-year-old sheath from his previous knife, Gil resisted and aged the sheath for effect.

The fastening strap was removed as it had no function with the new knife design.


“Kick-Ass” 2010

Knives in cinema

If you haven’t seen this movie, which is kind of a superhero movie (to say the least), just remember these two things: Hit Girl and the Butterfly Knife.


“Inglorious bastard” 2009Knives in cinema

In the film, Brad Pitt has a bowie knife he uses to scalp Nazi enemies or to carve his forehead with a swastika.

The film is set in France, World War II where a group of American soldiers of Jewish origin is parachuted onto the ground French for a special mission.

The intention of the group is also to kill as many Germans as possible.

To succeed, the soldiers will also take advantage of a range of unconventional weapons.


“Billy’s Knife in Predator” 1987

Knives in cinema coltellimania.comI remember watching the movie “Predator” and watching the big knife brought by Billy the Tracker Guy, played by Sonny Landham.

That knife was a monster created by Blade Smith Jack Crain. I wanted one then, and I still want one today.

In the end, Crain also provided knives for the movie “Commando.”


The KA-BAR combat knife is also used frequently

Knives in cinema

There are also those knives that are so iconic on their own, they have a list of appearances in very long movies.

Brought to the screen with Marine Sgt. John Stryker played by John Wayne in “Sands of Iwo Jima”, then worn by Jax Teller in “Sons Of Anarchy”, the mighty Ka-Bar fighting knife is his design and material from which legends are made, and rightly so.

The Ka-Bar has served in almost every war since 1923 and almost all war movies. Heck, you’ll even find him serving zombie kills in “The Walking Dead”

A knife that made history in the real world!


The Hunted (2003)

Knives in cinema

Go Tommy Lee Jones!

The old bushcrafter proves he still has his own as he engages (as the hero this time) in a one-on-one fight with Benicio Del Toro, who plays the best knife fighter on the planet in the cinema.

These two go on for almost four solid minutes, stabbing each other several times as a waterfall gushes nearby (a rather distracted scenario that the scene doesn’t really need).

Any normal person would have died within the first few seconds of this battle, but these guys are only vaguely influenced by things like “blood loss.”

By the way, the point where Del Toro blinds Jones with his own blood is a nice horrible touch.

Or extreme protection with your hand from the cut that leads precisely to the use of blood as a distraction.

For the scenes and make them more realistic they trusted real knife experts and used the Sayoks.

The famous knife is a tracker as a design of TOPS USA called Tom Brown.


Horror Film

Knives in cinema coltellimania.comThey usually use classic kitchen knives


I hope you enjoyed this knife show in the cinema and made you remember some good times.

These are knives that have somehow marked history.

Attentive to reproductions that are often not made with quality materials, my advice is to entrust you to a maker to have a customand robust reproduction as it is in your imagination.

It costs more but it is something unique to you and that you can bring in your adventures or keep close in your drawer.



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