Lam’ Arte 2023 – The Magic Encounter between Knives and Art in Frosolone!

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Lam' Arte 2023 - The Magic Encounter between Knives and Art in Frosolone!

Lam’ Arte 2023 – The Magic Encounter between Knives and Art in Frosolone!

In the charming village of Frosolone, located in the heart of the province of Isernia in Molise, an extraordinary event is about to come to life that will make the hearts of lovers of knives and works of art beat faster: Lam’ Arte 2023!

This exceptional exhibition, scheduled from 12 to 14 August, celebrates Frosolone’s ancient artisan tradition in creating knives and sharp tools.

The event will attract Italian and European artisans, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts for three days of discovery, learning and entertainment.


L’Isola delle Lame – A World of Artisan Creativity

The Isola delle Lame, located in the evocative setting of the school of Frosolone, will be a paradise for lovers of custom knives.

About 70 renowned artisans from all over Italy and Europe will present their sharp works of art.

Art, hunting and outdoor knives will come together in a kaleidoscope of intricate shapes, materials and details, telling the story of knife art through the centuries.


Isola del Gusto – The Union between Tradition and Food and Wine Excellence

At the town hall of Frosolone, the Island of Taste will transport visitors on a culinary journey through the food and wine delicacies of Molise.

The authentic flavors and pleasures of the table will blend in a perfect union with the art of knives.

Here, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to taste local delicacies, discovering how the artisan tradition of knives is closely intertwined with the food and wine culture of the region.


Unique Initiatives and Experiences

During Lam’ Arte 2023, the organizers have planned a program full of unique initiatives and experiences, all aimed at introducing visitors to the fascinating territory of Frosolone and its cultural heritage.

Interactive workshops, live demonstrations of artisans, meetings with industry experts and activities for the whole family will ensure total immersion in the art of knife making.

For more information and details about the event, visit the official website of Frosolone:


Lam’ Arte 2023 is the unmissable event for anyone who loves art, craftsmanship and the exceptionality of knives.

In a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, this unique event represents an extraordinary opportunity to discover the mastery of the artisans, immerse yourself in the local culture and appreciate the intertwining of knives, creativity and passion.

Save the dates: from 12 to 14 August, Frosolone will host Lam’ Arte 2023, and we guarantee that it will be an unforgettable experience!

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