Lansky and sharpening systems

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Lansky and sharpening systems

Lansky and the sharpening systems offer two main products, the Lansky Deluxe Set and the Diamond/Ceramic Turn Box

The sharpening of a knife consists of restoring the blade so that it is sharp and sharp.

This can be done using a variety of tools, such as sharpening stones, knife sharpeners, abrasive foils, or freehand sharpening.

The process can be done manually or with the help of a machine.

The frequency of sharpening depends on the use of the knife and the quality of the blade.

A well-sharpened knife makes cutting easier and more precise and prolongs the life of the knife itself.

Clearly there are several products that you can use to sharpen a knife but I believe that these are the two main ones that you need to know and possibly use as an alternative to the band sander, sharpening stones and other more professional systems.

Lansky and sharpening systems

Set Deluxe di Lansky

Lansky sharpening systems

The Lansky Deluxe Set includes 5 different coti in different grains (very coarse, coarse, medium, fine and very fine grains).

This set allows you to sharpen the blades precisely and with the right inclination.

The back of the blade is locked in the clamp and thanks to the practical guides it is possible to maintain a constant sharpening gradation.

What you find in the package:

  • Fixed angle sharpening system that provides excellent results every time, regardless of your experience in sharpening knives
  • Complete sharpening kit with 5 stones of different roughness
  • Very coarse, coarse, medium, fine and very fine grained stones to bring even damaged blades to new shineLansky and sharpening systems

How to use the Kit

Excellent for both beginners and advanced users.

The original and legendary angle controlled system is the ultimate in knife sharpening technology.

The Lansky controlled angle sharpening system allows users to select the sharpening angles that are most suitable for their intended use for their knife.

The four sharpening angles and their uses are listed below:

Lansky and sharpening systems





The knife clamp included in the sharpening system keeps the knife stable and keeps the angular guide static and firm, so that the user can achieve the desired angle with each stroke of the sharpener.

Extra-coarse or ultra-fine stones offer an excellent range of grit for the care and complete maintenance of the edges.

The Lansky system is perfect for outdoor sports knives, kitchen knives or workshop knives and offers the widest range of accessories available.

In production for over 40 years, the Lansky sharpening system has been the most preferred and best sharpening system for knife enthusiasts around the world.

Features of the Controlled Angle Sharpening System of Lansky Deluxe:

Lansky and sharpening systems













All Lansky knife sharpening systems also include:

  • Sanding oil: specially formulated to sharpen
  • Easy-to-use multi-angle gripper: to hold the blade firmly
  • Guide rods: one for each hone
  • Extra long clamping screws for thicker blades
  • Case / case to hold all system components
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-follow multilingual instructions

Lansky and sharpening systems


It is not a toy and if you use it calmly and patiently and you have a little manual skill and a lot of passion for blades with this kit you can bring the sharpening almost to a level of a scalpel if the steel of your knife allows it.

Clearly it is a basic kit but it is fine but it has two “defects” (if you want to consider them as such):

  • not good for blades that are too long
  • and it is not good for curved blades type, karambit, kukri, etc. if you do not buy the curved stones that are sold in separate kits.

However I recommend it even if it is a tool to re-sharpen not to make the thread when it does not exist as a maker does.

Lansky and sharpening systems

Other variants of stones for the Deluxe Set

Super Sapphire Hone

Lansky and sharpening systems













Super sapphire polishing stone

Main features:

  • Ultra-fine-grained ceramic sharpening surface (2000)
  • Brass threaded insert for stainless steel knurled head screw
  • Ergonomic plastic case
  • Made in the United States!

The perfect accessory for your Lansky sharpening system.

This 2000 grain ceramic polishing Hone allows you to get the best factory finish on an already sharp blade.

Mirror polishing, here we are!

* This product is not included in any system; it is sold only separately.


For use with Lansky controlled angle sharpening kits.

1. This product is used in the same way as all angle-controlled stones by first inserting the guide rod, ensuring that it is in line with the sharpening surface. Reference minute 1:45 in our video about the kit for instructions on how to properly assemble the guide rod and the Hone.

2. Be sure to set the angle to the same as the preset one on your knife. So, sharpen it! Unless it’s a daily retouch, the Super Sapphire Hone should be used alongside a rougher hone. The Super Sapphire will be the final touch to leave a shiny border on your knife.

Leather Stropping Hone

Use this special tip to polish the edge until it becomes very sharp, mirror edge.Lansky and sharpening systems

For use with Lansky sharpening systems.

Polishing a knife or “stroking” with skin will result in the sharpest edge your blades have seen since they left the factory.

Stroking with the skin is an ancient technique to polish a blade edge that offers unparalleled results.

Already possessing the largest amount of accessories, the addition of another hone further affirms the superiority of the Lansky controlled angle system.

This Hone leather is only used on blades that are already extremely sharp.

This is the only Lansky Hone that is moved in the opposite direction from all other hones.

Find the correct tracking instructions included in the package.

Instructions for refining the leather

To be used with any of lansky’s angle-controlled systems to achieve razor-sharp mirror polishing on the edge of the blade.

Stropping Hone can be used dry, but the use of a jeweler rouge will help increase the durability of leather skin.

This product is not included in any of the controlled angle sharpening kits; sold only separately.

Step 1- Connect the hone to a guide rod. If you use the jeweler’s rouge: apply the rouge on leather stropping hone and then connect the hone to a guide rod. Watch starting at minute 1:45 of our instructional video on sharpening for proper assembly of the guide bar and bone.

Step 2- Using the previously sharp angle (matching the pre-existing angle of the knife), insert the guide rod into the guide hole of the clamp.

Step 3 – IMPORTANT!: Instead of pushing the hone against the edge as you would other hones. Leather Hone Stropping requires you to pull the hone out of the edge. This will polish any burr or edge of the wire from the blade and leave you with a glossy finish. Do not use abrasive paste of any kind as the abrasives will wear the skin prematurely.

WARNING: Sharpening knives is an inherently dangerous activity. When used correctly, this sharpener can not hurt you, but a carelessly handled blade or a sharp object can.


Variety Sampler 4 Pack

Replace the most used stones in your kit, while getting a taste of the different varieties of abrasives at an incredible value with this pack of 4 variety samplers!
Lansky and sharpening systems

Replace the most used stones in your kit, while savoring the different varieties of abrasives at an incredible value!


  • Leather straps – For unparalleled polishing.
  • Arkansas Soft (Grain 200-350) – A natural sharpening stone ideal for regular knife maintenance.
  • Medium Diamond (280 grain) – Refines the fastest, even on the hardest steels.
  • Medium curve (grain 280) — For blades with internal curvature like a karambit.

Curved Hone 4-Pack

Designed to easily sharpen inward-curved blades, such as hawkbills and karambit, on the Lansky controlled angle system.Lansky and sharpening systems


Specifically designed to sharpen inwardly curved blades such as kukris, karambits, hawkbills and scythes. This set of hones will quickly bring any inwardly curved blade from completely dull to razor sharp.

Coarse Grit: 120
Medium Grit: 280
Grit End: 600
Ultra Fine Grit:1000

Other stones

There are sold separately other stones to have spare parts and other types of grains.
  • Super Sapphire Hone
  • Fine Diamond Hone
  • Ultra-Fine Hone
  • Medium Diamond Hone
  • Coarse Diamond Hone
  • End Serrated Hone
  • Medium Serrated Hone
  • Extra Coarse Diamond Hone
  • Medium Hone
  • Coarse Hone
  • End Hone
  • Extra Coarse Hone
  • Natural Black Hard Arkansas Hone
  • Coarse Curved Blade Hone
  • Medium Curved Blade Hone
  • End Curved Blade Hone
  • Ultra Fine Curved Blade Hone
  • Natural Hard Arkansas Hone
  • Natural Soft Arkansas Hone
Lansky and sharpening systems

Lansky Stands for Deluxe Set

Super Clamp “C”

This clamp is intended to be attached to a benchtop, table or other sturdy surface.

Once mounted, the pedestal mast is a perfect hands-free stand for use with the Lansky controlled angle sharpening system.

A unique two-piece design with aviation-grade aluminum for an heirloom quality construction that Lansky is known.

Lansky and sharpening systems

Main features:

  • Universal desktop compatibility
  • 2pcs Aviation Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Intended for use with Lansky controlled angle sharpening systems

Lansky and sharpening systems


For use with Lansky controlled angle sharpening systems

  • Remove the clamp from the package.
  • Loosen the clamp screw by at least 3/4 or until enough space is provided for the clamp to slide into place.
  • Place the clamp on the table or bench.
  • Tighten the screw until the clamp provides a perfect fit.
  • Screw the spindle to the top of the Super C-Clamp.

Lansky and sharpening systems

Universal support

The universal stand is designed to optimize the Lansky sharpening system and allows for a more hands-free sharpening experience.

Support for universal sharpening system

Main features:

  • – Aeronautical grade aluminum construction
  • – 2pcs design for easy storage
  • – 4 screw holes for permanent surface mounting.

The versatile universal stand is designed to optimize the Lansky sharpening system.

The multi-angle clamp provides the counterpart to rest on the pole of this pedestal support.

This allows for a more hands-free sharpening experience.

Lansky and sharpening systems















Lansky and sharpening systems

1. Mounting: Thread the pedestal pillar to the base (both pieces included)

2. Prepare the clamp and knife: Be sure to firmly mount the knife blade in the multi-angle clamp.

3. Final assembly: Place the clamp so that the center hole fits on top of the pedestal support.

4. Table mounting: use 4 small screws and the pre-drilled holes on the base to mount the pedestal on a bench, a small board just for yourself, etc.

Pedestal support

A great novelty for your Lansky sharpening systems.


For use with Lansky controlled angle sharpening systems

  • Place the stand in the desired position on the table or bench.
  • Screw into place.

Lansky and sharpening systems















Eraser Block – blister

Lansky and sharpening systems coltellimania.comA special and flexible abrasive rubber used to clean the metal filings that accumulate during the sharpening process on the Crock Stick® sharpening rods made of alumina ceramic.
A special and flexible abrasive rubber used to clean the metal filings that accumulate during the sharpening process on the Crock Stick® sharpening rods made of alumina ceramic.
Proper cleaning of the rod maximizes sharpening efficiency.
It can also be used for cleaning metal and sports equipment.




EraserBlock® is a flexible and slightly abrasive rubber created specifically to clean the metal particles that accumulate on Lansky’s Crock Stick® alumina ceramic rods during the sharpening process.

Convenient and easy to use, EraserBlock®, used periodically, quickly removes metal deposits and restores the maximum sharpening capacity of Crock Stick® ceramic rods.


EraserBlock® also works on many stubborn stains on porcelain, brass, steel knife blades, etc.

For super resistant stains or to reduce abrasion, wet the Eraser-Block with water. Rinse with water to clean.

WARNING: On highly polished or reflective surfaces, EraserBlock® may cause opacity and leave a brushed satin appearance.

Sharpening oil

To sharpen with stones use the lubricant that is provided to you in the kit or that is sold separately.

Nathan’s Honing Oil is a lubricant specially formulated for use with Lansky sharpeners and Arkansas natural stones.

* It is not recommended to use lubricant with any diamond sharpener.

Lansky and sharpening systems





















Lansky Guide Rods

They also sell some spare parts that you can miss such as guide rods for stones.
Lansky and sharpening systems








Diamond/Ceramic Turn Box

Lansky and sharpening systems

The sharpening system of the knives with 4 diamond / ceramic rods features a hardwood swivel box with storage holder in the base with two medium diamond rods and 2 fine ceramic rods inside.


4-point diamond / ceramic knife sharpener

The Turn Box family is a very stable and compact knife sharpening system.

It works well in the kitchen and gets up and running quickly and is convenient to be stored in a drawer.

The Turn Box family of knife sharpeners is also perfect for business people on the go because it is lightweight and easily fits into a backpack.

This 2-stage knife sharpening system features a hardwood turnstile with an internal rod holder in the base, two 12.7 cm long diamond rods (600 grain) and two 12.7 cm long fine ceramic rods (1000 grain).

It only takes a few steps to keep a sharp knife (a little more if you have a really cordless knife).

There are two preset knife sharpening angles in the wooden block of 20 degrees and 25 degrees

  • 25 degrees –> it is used for most kitchen knives and offers a sharp and durable edge.
  • 20 degrees –> this is an angle used for those who want a very sharp edge. Some examples would be fillet knives or cutting tomatoes. Lower grades produce sharper knives, but require more regular maintenance.


Lansky and sharpening systems

Instructions for 4-rod diamond/ceramic rotation box

Lansky Turn Box sharpeners can be used for 1 or 2-stage sharpening.

Silver diamond rods are used for sharpening and white ceramic rods for polishing.


Always start by placing the support box on a stable, flat surface at a comfortable working height.Lansky and sharpening systems

Sharpening in 1 step

Step 1 – Choose the type of rods and the angle with which you want to sharpen (20 ° or 25 °) by placing the sharpening rods in the appropriate guide holes.

Step 2 – Hold the base firmly with the non-dominant hand. Make sure your fingers are as far away from the rods as possible by maintaining a firm, controllable grip on the base.

Step 3 – With the knife in the dominant hand, place the heel of the blade (closer to the handle) one inch or more below the top of one of the rods.

Step 4 – Holding the blade straight up and down (perpendicular to the working surface), pull the blade along the rod and towards itself, moving towards the tip of the knife. Movement is similar to slicing bread.

Step 5 – Repeat this action on the other rod for the other side of the edge.

Step 6 – Continue to toggle from bar to bar until you have reached the desired sharpening.

Lansky and sharpening systems

2-stage sharpening

Step 1- Start by placing the rods in the holes at an angle of 20º and follow the sharpening instructions listed in the 1-stage sharpening above, but do not polish/refine the edge, use only 10-12 strokes on each rod. This is to thin the edge of the blade.

Step 2: After thinning the edge of the blade, move the rods into the holes at an angle of 25 ° for sharpening the 2nd stage to finish the edge. Simply follow the same technique you used earlier. This will produce a durable and sharp compound bevel.

Pro Tip ** – For best results, avoid rolling the tip of the knife from the rod as it can damage the tip and leave it more delicate than the rest of the blade. I advise you to have patience and a slow hand and at a constant speed.

It’s a job that you have to do calmly and that needs practice then calm and emotional intelligence, a safe movement and you will see that you get very sharp blades!

WARNING: Sharpening knives is an inherently dangerous activity. When used correctly, this sharpener can not hurt you, but a carelessly handled blade or a sharp object can.



These are two economic systems that work and even if they are basic sharpening kits and systems you can get excellent sharpening.

Are you experience?


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