List of steel data sheets

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List of steel data sheets

List of steel data sheets

In this post I want to insert to help you the data sheets of the main steels used for cutlery where you will find technical information on the characteristics, hardening, tempering, etc. of the various steels.

I made a summary table where I inserted the hardenings and tempers performed by me and other maker friends to let you know the experience made with that type of steel and the result obtained.

This information is linked to direct experiences so you must always consider taking them as suggestions that I guarantee you valid and reliable but still to make your experience always starting from the official data sheets of the steel manufacturer.

For my habit, however, even when I talk to other makers and listen to their very important and welcome suggestions I always make a comparison with the data sheets, or giving a read to the book Knife Engineenering, to better understand the differences in method that lead to that result and I mark the differences.

Usually when I do not know a steel one of the things I do is make steel specimens of the thickness with which I usually make knives, so as you can guess it is something that must be calibrated on your choice even if I must say that usually even applying the method on different thicknesses the result is always very reliable.

Precisely for this reason I know that every maker, every time he finds himself searching online for the various data sheets, and it is for convenience that I decided to collect as I search for them or upload them the various data sheets that I will upload here only in English (for now) to avoid doing online research every time but have a page where to find them.

Then it’s okay to create his own table with notes where he marks tempering / tempering / hardness obtained / etc. But anyway the search for data sheets is always necessary because it is from there that there is the departure, the information of the steel manufacturer.

I hope this work will be useful, if you like to offer me a coffee, I apologize for the advertisements on the blog but I need them to support the project.

I try to keep them up to date but consider that usually the producer of that steel if it changes some characteristic assigns another name and a new data sheet consequently once issued a data sheet with the characteristics, hardening and tempering, etc. hardly changes it.

If you notice any difference I ask you the courtesy to write me in the comments or by email.

Technical Data Sheet Steel

List of data sheets of steels:

Week after week I will populate this post, if you want to help me send me by email the pdf of the technical sheet of the steels you use. Thank you!

Carbon Steel

  • 1084 (C70) –>
  • 1095 (C100) –>
  • 1095 CroVan
  • 52100 (100Cr6/1.3505)


Tool Steel

  • A-2
  • D-2
  • CPM-3V
  • CPM-4V
  • CPM-10V
  • CPM-15V
  • CPM-M4
  • CPM-MagnaCut
  • K390
  • O-1 (K460)
  • M-2


Stainless Steel

  • 12C27
  • 13C26
  • 14C28N
  • 14-4CrMo
  • 154CM
  • 19C27
  • 420
  • 420HC
  • 440A
  • 440B
  • 440C (MA5MV) –>
  • 5Cr15MoV
  • 8Cr13MoV
  • 8Cr15MoV
  • 9Cr13CoMoV
  • 9Cr18MoV
  • ATS-34
  • ATS-55
  • AUS-10
  • AUS-4
  • AUS-6
  • AUS-8
  • BG-42
  • CPM-154
  • CPM-20HP
  • CPM-S30V
  • CPM-S35VN
  • CPM-S45VN
  • CPM-S60V
  • CPM-S90V
  • CPM-S110V
  • CPM-S125V
  • CTS-204P
  • CTS-BD1
  • ELMAX –>
  • G-2
  • GIN-1
  • H1
  • K110
  • LV-03
  • LV-04
  • M390 –> Steel M390_en
  • N680
  • N690 –> Steel N690_en
  • T5MoV
  • T6MoV
  • VG-10
  • X-15 TN
  • X50CrMoV15
  • ZDP-189



I hope this post that collects data sheets is useful to you and that it makes it easier for you to find when looking for information on a particular steel.

These are the official data sheets that you can find from the manufacturer of that specific steel but here you have the possibility to find them on a single page.

Are you experience?


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