Logo engraving on the knife

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Logo engraving on the knifeEngraving of the logo on the knife.

The knife logo represents your brand, each of your knives will have this coat of arms that indicates the origin of the blade.

After you’ve completed your new knife and want to show it off or want to sell it, it’s only natural that you want to customize it with your name or logo to let everyone know who created it.

In industrial knives it represents the brand of the knife but in particular for handmade knives the signature with the full name and surname, the initials or your logo play an important role in the overall aesthetics.

The engraving adds a clear and distinct custom mark that will last for the lifetime of the knife and can be done in different ways.

A logo is the symbolic figure or name of the maker who created the blade.
Everyone has their own preferences, who writes their name, who their initials, who puts a logo, and who in addition to this inserts the type of steel and / or the serial number.
Typically the logo consists of a symbol or a trademark or a version or graphic representation of a name or acronym that involves the use of a precise lettering.

Have you ever thought about a logo to use and that represents you?

The logo of your knife!

This is my logo but I think you know it by now, I want to show it to you with a pencil effect.

Logo engraving on the knife

Types of logo and engraving of the logo on the knife

A professional logo allows you to recognize the maker to whom it refers with almost immediate effect.

The task of the logo is to inspire trust and superiority over another logo and therefore compared to other makers .

There is also a tendency to accompany the logo with a slogan, called payoff, which helps to strengthen the identity of the brand (for example as Nike does – Just Do It) or in the case for example of hardening ovens such as the Rockblade.

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Logo engraving on the knife coltellimania.com

There are different types of logos that can also be used simultaneously as part of the personal brand:

  • Logotype: it is the graphic sign whose referent is a phonetic expression, it is a pronounceable written trademark, for example the “Wiki” logotype. In typography, the logotype is a unique font, in which several letters are fused together; so in publishing it is the set of intertwined letters consisting of the initials of the publisher’s name;
  • Pictogram: it is an iconic sign whose referent is an object or a class of objects, an appearance or an action that the object can express;
  • Ideogram: it is a non-iconic sign, or at least with a low degree of iconicity, and may therefore have no reference to reality (for example: the WWF panda or the Playboy bunny, do you like this more?).
  • Monogram: is a unitary graphic symbol obtained by superimposing or otherwise combining two or more letters or other graphemes
  • Many makers use their name and enough and often also the origin as in my case Andrea F, Turin (Italy)
Logo engraving on the knife

How to engrave the logo on the blade?

  • For chemical engraving which is widely used in cutlery
  • For mechanical engraving by burin or engraver (less used)
  • Punching by logo and press which is also used in cutlery
  • Laser , a solution that is also very precise but more used in industrial cutlery even if the cost of laser engravers for metal is increasingly interesting also for other applications allowing it to be used also for other processing in cutlery in your own knife maker laboratory.

It is a personal choice but what is important is the aesthetic result you want to achieve.

In 2022 the trend of makers is with chemical engraving is among the most used in modern custom cutlery and laser in industrial cutlery but consider that a laser to engrave metal today is at € 1200 consequently a professional maker can invest in a tool like the laser engraver.

Punching is always an important choice and still widely used by many craftsmen also to give it an appearance that they want to mark their blade with an ancient method and that comes from the past but beware that it is not really an easy operation and if done by inexperienced hands it can also damage the blade.

Also in this case it depends on the type of knife and for this reason many makers opt for both options both chemical engraving and punching based on the final appearance of the knife.

The choice of the logo is often not something simple because it must somehow represent you and at the same time it must be simple and essential.
In recent years the choice to use to indelibly mark on the metal names or symbols through stencils, acid and the passage of electric current has become increasingly popular.

Unlike punching, which is the result of a violent compression of the metal, here electricity is left with the task of digging and blackening the mark outlined by the stencil, a rapid and totally safe process, less deep than punching.

Logo engraving on the knife coltellimania.com

The advantages of chemical engraving

  • The total absence of stress and tension given to the steel as it does not stress mechanically as with the punching of the steel of the blade.
  • The possibility of inserting the logo in areas totally precluded to a punch as they are not flat, such as the ground curve of the bevelling, the coast or the back of the shank.
  • The electro engraving takes place on the finished knife with the impossibility of ruining the logo or partially removing it during the finishing of the knife as can happen with punching.
  • Cheap, probably yes if you already have some equipment and stencils cost less than a punch but it is a relative speech because it is still convenient to have both solutions if you make very different knives but it is a matter of taste and the level to which you want to push.

To engrave we use a stabilized power supply that has the ability to deliver both direct and alternating current, at a low voltage and amperage (12 Volts and about 1 or 3 Amps), it is no coincidence that some realize systems with simple circuits and batteries ..

The logo to be affixed to the blade is first made on a stencil of synthetic material with a procedure similar to that for screen printing frames that you have to make of those who make this type of products.

The final result is a small waterproof sheet where in the center stands our logo which, seen at a rather high magnification, will highlight some micro holes to allow the passage of electrolyte fluid and
of the current during engraving.

Surely for both the punching and for the chemical method the first few times you do a test on a blade that you already own and that you do not care if any sign remains, or on a “wrong” knife and that you keep there in the laboratories as an experience.

The position of the logo on the knife blade

The location of the logo and its size/proportion is also a decision to make.
It depends on the type of knife but it must not be something big but must be inserted trying to respect the harmony of the blade.
It is a taste choice of the maker!
The logo tends to be “small” and lends itself well to all the sizes of the knives from the folders to the fixed blade to have common stencils or punches, but it is not said that some makers have more solutions based on the size of the knife.
Even if “small” the logo on the knife is legible if it is done well!


The engraving of the logo on the knife represents your brand, each of your knives will have this coat of arms that indicates the origin of the blade and the Certifies as performed by a specific maker, in some way it is an element that identifies the executor of the knife also giving him a certain value if he is a listed maker who frequents knife exhibitions and fairs.

Now it is not mandatory to put the logo on the knife but if your intention is over time to make yourself known and acquire prestige over time the logo is a fundamental element that distinguishes you.

If you talk to the makers you will find that it is not an easy choice and often over time the logo undergoes several evolutions to get to that essentiality that a logo must have.

Are You Experience?


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